As we leave 2016…

Let us all celebrate Glen of Imaal Terriers. Each and every one is special but the Top Show Glens are the ones that repeatedly get out to spread the word to everybody. In the UK Pajantick Star Trooper gets the accolade and it is Gleann Willie the Whale for Denmark. Finland sees Glenrosedale Buagh Ri Arthur Milo take the nod for number 1 and the USA raises a paw to Abberann Torcan and his younger “bro” Abberann Phelan gets the same in Ireland so incredibly well done.

If any other country would like to send their Top Glen we’d be happy to mention them on here.

Happy 2017 to every Glen of Imaal Terrier owner, admirer, follower, enthusiast and lover.

2 thoughts on “As we leave 2016…

  1. I remember Star troopers sire well a Christy Harnett dog who I got for Kathy George off Eamonn Dobbyn.
    Scooby was typical Christy breeding a good strong wheaten dog. Jane did well to use him and the Blue dog I saw at the Midland show is off him I think he’s a grand young dog.

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