How about a calendar for 2018?

Last year the EFG did a Glen of Imaal Terrier calendar to celebrate 20 years since the club’s formation. Such was the interest that the initial run was doubled. It was intended to be a one off but there have been many requests for another one so we’re asking…….would Glen of Imaal Terrier owners, enthusiasts and admirers like another one for 2018? It has already been suggested we should.

If Glen people worldwide would like one we’re more than happy to run the same system as last year. Your best/favourite Glen photographs to be sent electronically, they would then be shortlisted purely on quality of reproduction basis. They would then be sent “blind” (no names of dogs, photographers, country etc.) to the EFG committee who would decide the final calendar. Mobile phone photographs could also be accepted as they could form part of the montage on the front.

Interested in a 2018 calendar? Do let Jean Rogers know