ITV Television Pilot…if interested

We are making a television pilot for ITV and looking for some amazing dog owners that may want some extra training/behaviour sessions with their dogs.  We will be filming at a location in Hereford and would love to let local pet owners know about us – we would really appreciate if you could forward our flyer onto your members or share on facebook.

We are filming for two days only Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th March – and would love to get the word out ASAP!

  • Is your dog anxious
  • Does your pup clash with other pets
  • Has your hound got behavioural issues?




Our experts are keen to solve all your canine issues, so whether your dog is scared of other dogs, loves chasing cars, hates being apart from you, or is showing signs of fear and aggression – we want to hear from you!

For more information please email or call on 0207 013 4499


Karen Browne | Senior Producer RDF Television | The Gloucester Building | Kensington Village | Avonmore Road | London | W14 8RF

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