Traffic news (that we know about) for the coming Crufts week

It’s always difficult to know which order to put the “Crufts updates” but as Terrier Day is Thursday this year it had better be the traffic news first to give people a chance to plan routes before the final brush of the dog. (Unlike Tiina who has already done that but she is coming from Finland)

There are traffic delays and roadworks on the M6.

M5 Northbound
J13-J12 overnight 9-10 MAR 1 lane closed
J12-J11A overnight 10-11 MAR 2 lanes out of 3 shut
J7-J5 (past Worcester) EVERY night 2 lanes shut
(Highways England is suggesting the entire motorway may be shut northbound between J7 and J5, and on to J4A the turn off to the M42)

M42 Northbound
J3-J3A Closed overnight throughout
J5-J7 2 lanes out of 3 closed overnight

Coming South on the M42 there will be a lane closure from J11-10 on the 9/10MAR and between J11-J9 on the 10/11 March. These are supposed to be overnight roadworks but do bear in mind that they might overrun

Highways England will give you the roadworks and Traffic England will give you any up to date problems

If anything else is learnt about it’ll be posted.