“When you do the list for Crufts remember to…..” “Will there be a list for……” “Don’t forget to put on the list about….”

Okay so in no particular order here’s THE LIST as asked for by Glen of Imaal Terrier people.

  • Remember your passes
  • Some comfy shoes
  • Headache tablets
  • Breed Club subscriptions (in a sealed envelope please with your name on the front)
  • The map in the car in case of overrunning road works or stupidity by the satnav
  • Your entry for the EFG Open Show (again the sealed envelope with name on the front please)
  • Getting an EFG Open Show Schedule to replace the one you’ve put somewhere safe.
  • Remember Glens are 3rd in the ring (not before 2.00pm) and as dogs are accepted up to midday you don’t really have to arrive at the NEC before sun up.
  • We WILL be doing a Bring & Share. Finger food is best so it can be eaten as folk walk around, gossip and groom. Dips and things that needs forks and spoons are very nice when you have┬álots of┬átime but with it being a lunch (pre-judging) slow, easy and languid won’t be words of the day
  • Money for the shopping. Whatever you think before hand you will need it. So to assist with the assault here’s a list of all trade stalls

National Terrier have extended their closing date until Monday 13th March. Entries can be made on