A couple of days on…

For many Glen of Imaal Terrier people Crufts began and finished last Thursday but for the stalwarts of Discover Dogs their show finished yesterday so let’s give acknowledgement and thanks to:

Alan and Geraldine Cook with Misty. Nicki & Richard Montford with Muttley. Jane Alstead with Poppy

Lynne & Gordon Fraser with Dylan. Tony &Teresa Hadley with Inga & Gill. Jeanette & Alison Penny with Digby

Diane &Phillip James with Dolly. Sally & Alan Barnaby with Murfi. Danielle and Alfie

Hopefully by now the long distance travellers are well on the way home. Germany, Finland & America were there in the ring, it was great to see you all and thanks for coming.

Glens managed to get around and get noticed. Anne Hardy was in the Daily Mail on Line and Central News had a picture of Peter Purves walking around….as he passed the Glen ring. The nearby KC Activity ring needed volunteers on Friday so Tony & Gil were demonstrated on. Basil went international on behalf of Glens with a quick appearance on CBS San Diego

A lovely piece on You Tube with Emily & Bella, with Jo positively bubbling over.

Wendy Tobijanski hadn’t entered Rex with having a positive ruck of Cesky to get ready for the breed’s awarding of their first CCs. All her work obviously paid off as there she was in the Terrier Group ring. Also Tim Harrison, the judge of the Championship Show last December, was there in the Gundog Group with his main breed of Welsh Springer Spaniels. If anybody else has anything else to report just send it along.


1 thought on “A couple of days on…

  1. We had a great time on Discover Dogs on Thursday.

    Hundreds of visitors, at least three film crews! They dogs certainly had a whale of a time. Mutley made a total flirt of himself, giving kisses to everyone.

    We had one lady who said she always loves coming to the terriers. We are always the ones smiling with happy dogs. 🙂

    One lady was completely bowled over by the breed. She reminded me of my reaction when I stumbling across them twenty one years ago at Crufts. She spent ages with us, went away, came back, went away, came back again. Lol.

    She ended up down at the ring meeting lots of Glen folk and is seriously considering a glen. I think she must have spent a good hour hours around the breed.

    The other interesting thing was the amount of people who had heard of the breed. Still lots of the ‘a glen of a what?’, but so many people had heard or seem one before.

    The long drag from East 1 doesn’t get any shorter, especially when you’ve brought a bit of shopping. But its worth it.

    FANTASTIC day, Mutley can’t wait until next year.

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