National Terrier Entries and AGM

National Terrier entries are out and there are 24 Glen of Imaal Terriers for judge Peter Bakewell to run his eye over at New Bingley Showground on April 1st

Please note: Glen of Imaal Terriers are 3rd in the ring (with around a 1.30pm proposed finish) which should give more than enough time to hold the AGM of the EFG as scheduled but the decision has been made to move the meeting to BEFORE judging. The AGM will now commence at 10.30am so as to enable any long distance attendees to start journeys home as soon as judging is ended

Please share the above information.

Results from the weekend will be on tomorrow

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  1. Sorry to have to bow out of the show circuit, Lady and I have enjoyed our short time back in the Glen family, but unfortunately she has been spayed due to serious complications mid season. Will miss everyone.x

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