A question that has cropped up again.

Some that read this blog are on Facebook and some aren’t. Facebook is such a huge complicated monster that even though you are “on there” you might not read, or see, something that a friend does so you might not have seen the discussion regarding rehoming showdogs. Three people snapped various screen shots and sent them along. The screech of “are they in the real world!!” given as they were read indicated VERY strongly why FB is generally avoided.

Recently this email and photograph came in ” My then girlfriend(now wife) and I collected a Glen of Imaal Terrier from you on New Years Day 2004. His name was Hank although I think you may have called him Frank. We moved from Essex back home to Ireland in 2005 and got married in 2006. All the time Hank was doing well and loving Ireland. We have two children 9 and 7 who have grown up with him. He was the best pet we could have wished to have our children grow up with as he was gentle and kind and nothing the children did phased him. He also did his best at keeping the cat population under control near Us! As you have probably guessed by now Hank passed away today and we are all heart broken. He was 14 years of age.I would like to thank you for breeding such a fine dog, according to our Glen books he matched every one of their traits.”

Digging back in the file (thanks to whoever sent it, things are always kept) this piece Rehoming Retired Show Dogs seemed very relevant.

Hank in Ireland