It’s the EFG Open Show this weekend!!!`

Sunday 23rd at the Sports Connexion, Ryton on Dunsmoor, CV3 3FL will be the place to go if you want to see Glen of Imaal Terriers this weekend. The EFG Open Show will begin judging at 9.30am and Birmingham Gundog & Terrier Glen classes will follow in the same ring as soon as the EFG Show is finished.

Finally the Coventry roadworks are being reported as nearly finished and no other traffic problems are being reported (at the moment).

There will be a ring number prize draw after judging has finished so a chance of even more to go home with. The usual bring and share table will be there so nibbles, drinks etc. would be appreciated

5 thoughts on “It’s the EFG Open Show this weekend!!!`

  1. The Sports Connexion is just after the roundabout of the A423 and the
    A445. Both these roads are accessed from the A45 (Coventry Airport)
    If using some Sat Navs the postcode will take you to Lakeview Farm on
    Leamington Road, the Sports Connexion is easy to find from there.

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