Optigen 20/20 clinic

Val Tiller writes: ANNOUNCING my 27th Discounted Optigen 20/20 CLINIC! Optigen are holding their cheapest ever 20th Anniversary reduced prices for DNA testing many breeds, for hereditary diseases. (See TESTS at Optigen.com for the list of breeds and tests available.)  I’ll be shipping samples on 19th September and all proceeds of the clinic will go to Border Collie & Sheepdog Rescue, as usual.  And all UK residents are welcome, as it’s a postal clinic, including Channel Islands and IOM.

Email val.tiller@talk21.com now full details, stating your breed

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  1. That’s approximately £76.00 … but with a 5% discount for doing online submission forms + the generous discount Val is able to offer, that brings the cost down quite considerably.

    Don’t forget to factor in the cost of the blood draw!

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