Welsh Kennel Club critique

Welsh Kennel Club 19th August

Glen of Imaal Terrier

VD (1) 1 BV Hadley’s Ch Donvaleset Rebus good head with strong skull, good bite, quality bone correct topline, harsh coat, in good condition for age

PGD (2) 1 Roger’s Kingcottage Boogie on Basil , good broad skull, dark eye , good strong neck,  good depth of body powerful quarters, moved with drive 2Dunning’s Romainville Freddie’s Choice, decent head , good bite, nicely ribbed body of good length , muscular quarters

LD (3) 1 RCC Hannington’s Boudvelia Oscar good headed wheaten dog , nice dark eye, well placed ears correct topline , good hindquarters that he used on the move 2 Rogers Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty good width of skull , quality bone , good front, muscular neck, good topline, 3 Dunning’s Romainville Freddie’s Choice

OD 3) I CC BOB  Alstead’s Golden Spurs super brindle dog , good wide skull, nice dark eye well set ears giving a pleasing expression , strong neck, good depth of chest, correct front with good bone , nicely ribbed body strong quarters that he used on the move 2 Hogburn’s Pajantick Razamataz typy decent headed dog deep chest , correct topline, good coat, strong quarters 3 Dunning’s Romainville Freddie’s Choice

VB (1) Donvaleset Domino strong skull with good width . good bite , good quality bone ,good depth of chest, correct firm  topline , good harsh coat , in good conpdition for age moved o.k.

PB (1) 1 BP Roger’s Jeonty a New Hope promising baby . nice head and expression , good forequarters , nice length of body , good hind quarters , moved well both ways 2George’s Romainville Rock on Lizzie another nice pup, nicely balanced , good head, nice strong neck, well made body of good length, just preferred movement of winner 3 Campen and Moakes Romainville Rock ‘n Rolls

JB(2) 1 Hannigton’s BoudivIllia Tegan Lovely femine expression , good body with correct topline , nicely angulated hindquarters 2 Alsteads Sigrid Helga at Pancottage blue bitch , good head and eye. good bone, nice neck and shoulders good body,

PGB (1) George @Sullivan’s Romainville Razamatazz pleasing in head and expression , nice outline, good neck and forequarters, good length of body, correct topline, showed well

LB (3) 1CC George’s Romainville Whistle Dixie good with of skull , good bite , strong muscular neck .good double coat, powerful quarters , moved with drive 2 Romainville Uptown Girl another of good quality, femine head, good bone, nice shoulders , good body, strong quarters 3 0’Brien’s Amhard Jessie Jay

OB (1)1 RCC George’s Romainville Maggie May. Balanced bitch , good head , nice eye , strong neck , nice harsh double coat, good substance, good quarters

Judge Jim McGhie


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  1. We’re getting lots of thank you s for the prompt writing of the report. But questions on Leeds and Birmingham, where are the reports?

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