Judges Competency Framework (JCF)

We have touched lightly on the Kennel Club and the new Judges Competency Framework. Haven’t done a lot about it because it’s boring (over 30 pages and counting) and on here, except for Friday and Health, it is tried to keep things more to the shorter soundbite type of posting. Folk have a heck of a lot to do in their day and if they were expected to read reams on here we’d quickly fall off their “to do” list. At Welsh Kennel Club though, and subsequently by various emails, the matter of the JCF has come up. Glen of Imaal Terrier people do not seem to have taken on board the huge change that will be happening in the very near future regarding judges in this country. In view of this (and our byline of Keeping Glen of Imaal people up to date) we will start to cover the JCF in more detail; beginning with  Appointment of Judges at Limited, Open and Championship Shows Without CCs from 2019 Onwards.

This is the one that will probably affect the bulk of Glen people. Even if you don’t really want to do “big things” but think a bit of judging might be for you and you’ll see how things go you need to be fully aware of the JCF because from 2019 you’ll no longer be able to “just do it”. Please take time to read it.