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Not really…..

People are always looking for books on the Glen of Imaal Terrier and currently there appears to be three new ones out. Untold riches indeed but are they? This one is says it is Medical and Genetic┬ábut if you look further you’ll discover it is part of a formulaic book with different dogs on the front to go with the different name. Training is always interesting when you first get a Glen and discover the breed often has different thought processes to yours and any other breed you’ve ever owned. This book doesn’t really acknowledge it. It’s the same with Guides to a Breed; always useful when thinking of owning one. The author is obviously an expert as he has books to his name on breeds as diverse as Giant Schnauzers and German Longhaired Pointers as well as the Glen….strange they all seem to be very similar when the breeds aren’t.


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