Leeds critique



In my report from the last time I judged this lovely breed I did say that a Glen should look like a Glen and exhibitors must have taken that to heart as there were only a couple that were not typical. I must thank the exhibitors for the sporting way my placings were received and I was very pleased to be able to say that the Dog CC and the Bitch CC gained their titles on the day – congratulations.


PGD (1)

  1. Hardy‘s AMHARD LIGHTENING FLASH. Just coming up 8 months this wheaten boy has a good body shape and outline. Promising head with good width of skull, good stop and correct shaping to the foreface. Strong front assembly for his age and a good shaped ribcage with a short loin. He has good muscling in his hindquarters and this assists his free-flowing movement. Very steady both coming and going and his overall type and ring presence won him the Best Puppy award over the bitch.


LD (4)

  1. Hannington‘s BOUDEVELIA OSCAR. Presenting a good outline with his excellent body proportions and strong head, this red/wheaten has a good, harsh quality coat, dark eye and balanced muzzle. He has a good strong neck running into good set of shoulders and front with excellent bone. Well shaped ribcage and a good strong loin. Not as good in turn of stifle as CC winner but has good muscling in his quarters. He moved steadily in profile though a tad wide in front coming towards me. I was pleased to award him the Reserve CC.


  1. Rogers‘ GLEANN DYNAMO MAN AT JEONTY (Imp). Striking blue male with a good Glen outline and good harsh coat presented newly trimmed. He has a good strong skull of the correct shape with good strength to the foreface and good dentition. Strenth in his forequarters with the correct amount of bone. Well balanced body with good ribcage and short loin. Positive on the move which he did with ease and precision. He is well muscled and this and overall type gave him this place this class over




OD (2)

  1. Alstead‘s GOLDEN SPURS. My Junior winner from the last time this blue boy still has that very full harsh coat with an attractive bit of brindling. He has developed as I had hoped he would and is now a real quality Glen. An extremely well-balanced skull and foreface with lovely eye, correct well-set ears and good scissor bite. Excellent, well-sprung ribcage and a good strong loin. The really good muscling in his well-turned quarters allows that free flowing movement which was a joy to watch. I had no hesitation in awarding him the Dog CC and later topped that with BoB.


  1. Hardy‘s AMARD HIGH FLYER. Coming up 5 years this wheaten lad with a very good outline. Well-balanced skull with good stop and tapering muzzle and a good scissor bite. He has a strong muscular neck that runs into a well-structured front assembly with good bone and correct feet. A nicely extended ribcage and good loin. However, today, he did not want to stick to the job in hand, especially in the challenge and this cost him higher honours. Strong quarters with good muscling and a very well set tail.

PB (3)

  1. Hannington‘s BOUDEVELIA TEGAN. Litter mate to the dog puppy winner this blue baby has a balanced skull and foreface with a good scissor bite. Good neckline with a well-boned set of legs and feet, running into a nicely sprung ribcage and a well-muscled set of quarters for her age. Turned in a shade coming towards but moved soundly in profile and was sympathetically handled.
  2. Rogers‘ JEONTY JYN A NEW HOPE. Very close up this wheaten puppy has a good quality coat covering a slightly flatter in rib than the winner at the moment, but she had an equally well-proportioned balanced outline. Good muscle-tone in a very nice set of well-angulated quarters. Moved a bit erratically at times but could be sound and steady when she put her mind to it.


JB (1)

  1. Alstead‘s SIGRID HELGA AT PANTCOTTAGE. Just a month out of puppy this young blue lady was another who had left her coat at home. Balanced skull and foreface with a good scissor bite, though with a slightly lower-set ear carriage. Good neckline with a well-boned set of legs below, running into a nicely sprung ribcage and a well-muscled quarters for her age. Turned in a shade coming towards but moved soundly in profile and was sympathetically handled.

LB (6,2)


  1. Sage‘s WICKHOLM BREAKING DAWN. This attractive wheaten bitch really commands attention and has great ring presence. Her body shape has the classical Glen outline and that look of sturdiness and substance. She has a lovely balanced skull and foreface with neat ears and a dark eye. A good set of teeth with the correct scissor bite. Her muscular neck runs into a very well-laid front assembly with excellent bone and correct feet. A beautiful ribcage with good depth and length and with her neat short loin her top-line remained constant throughout. Such a sound steady mover, she covered the ground so easily in profile, one of the deciding factors in this class and was very true both coming and going. Very well handled and could not be denied the Bitch CC.


  1. Hannington‘s ROMAINVILLE UPTOWN GIRL. This blue bitch really belies her 6 years and has a very typical Glen outline. Very good skull and foreface proportions with neat set ears and correct scissor bite. Lovely muscular neck running into a very good lay of shoulder and excellent bone and feet. She has a nice deep well-sprung ribcage covered in a good quality blue coat and a good strong loin. Really covered the ground in profile and was very positive both ends coming and going. In the class I felt that she was, on the day, just a shade closer in forward reach and had poorer drive than winner.



VB (1)

  1. Sage‘s JEONTY LOLA MAY AT WICKHOLM. In tip-top condition for her 9 years, this wheaten bitch has a lovely body shape and classy Glen outline with the look of substance without coarseness. Another nicely balanced skull and foreface with that typical expression coming from those dark eyes. She has a very good front with excellent bone and correct feet. A well-formed, correct ribcage and a strong loin. Well muscled quarters making for sound steady movement in profile. A very nice bitch to go over well put down and was very well handled. I was pleased to award her the Reserve CC behind her daughter.