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222 swab kits have been sent out to owners, but only 73 kits have been returned to the Animal Health Trust (AHT).  Over 120 swab kits have gone to individual owners; 50 kits have been sent to an individual for distribution amongst her friends; and a further 50 kits to an overseas breed club.

The cost to the AHT of sending kits overseas is considerably more than the 90 pence it costs to send out a single swab kit in the UK, and it is very disappointing that only a third (33%) have been returned to the AHT.  Swab kits are generally posted out to owners within two weeks of receipt of request.  There is a not unreasonable expectation that if an owner requests a swab kit, then the swabs will be returned within a reasonable time-frame, but most of the unreturned kits were requested over a year ago.

  • If the swab kit you requested has been put away somewhere, PLEASE dig it out this weekend and swab your Glen.
  • If you’ve sent your Glen’s swabs to a third party, PLEASE check that they have been sent to the AHT … if not, please ask for them to be returned the AHT as soon as possible … or ask for them to be returned to you, for you to send to the AHT.
  • If you cannot afford the (voluntary) £5.00 donation to the AHT … or if you prefer not to make a donation … or if you are unable to make an online donation … PLEASE just send the swabs to the AHT.

It would be great to reach last year’s target of 100 submissions to the AHT by the end of this year!

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