Research on castration in dogs

Elizabeth Ayrton writes:-

I am a veterinary surgeon currently completing a Masters degree at the University of Lincoln and working for Behaviour Referrals Veterinary practice. I am interested in how castration affects dogs. We know there are good reasons to castrate for population control and also medical benefits but it would appear that owners often castrate for behavioural reasons and less is known about the effects of castration on behaviour and it may be that some dogs require testosterone for social confidence. I am trying to research this aspect and require information both from dogs being castrated and dogs that are not being castrated in the next 3 months.

I would be grateful if pet owners or vets would contact me if they would be prepared to take part – it purely involves owners answering a questionnaire now and in 3 months time and I am offering entry into a prize drawer for all pets that complete the questionnaire with the chance of winning a hamper of toys for your pet.

I only want pet dogs between the ages of 4 – 14 months who have been owned for at least 2 months. Anyone interested in taking part please e-mail me on and I can either send you a questionnaire electronically or post it out with an SAE if you prefer. The closing date of the survey is November 30th.