Salute of a breed

ut none of themGlen of Imaal Terrier folk like to think of themselves as family. Compared to so many breeds there are so few of us and however remote a place you are there will be somebody in the world who knows your Glen and its ancestors, will be able to recount stories of a sibling, show photographs of the grandparents. We share your grief when they take that final long walk and the joy that they gave you by being in your life. Whether a beloved companion who had never met another Glen and was only known to you and their breeder or one that appears on here every week and their success is read by hundreds, we are together. Occasionally though a Glen leaves here to join the eternal pack and more is required than just the pause in the day with “what a shame” and last week that occurred when Coleraine’s Mandalay Royalty closed her eyes to Bruce, Rob and Darby and opened them to Berg, Spike, Flynn and all who have gone before.

Her name was Curry, she was a showgirl, she began when very few judges considered the Glen of Imaal Terrier as anything else other than a support act but she quickly moved us onto centre stage. In 2010 she took Best of Breed, and one Best Opposite, at the Montgomery cluster. 2011 she went one better and took all four and was shortlisted in the Group at Hatboro 1, the first time a Glen had done the clean sweep.  Curry was the first Glen to take four consecutive group placements in one weekend and this was when Glens just didn’t get them and before the Owner Handler group came into being. September 2010 saw nine group placements on the trot and by June of the following year she had 27. The list could go on and on but she was more than just a list. She was a friend, she was adored and the breed honours the memory of one of OUR greatest ambassadors.