Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This time of year we have to do the “Oscar Speech” of thanking the director and the producer but most of all it has to be the extras that are thanked; all the Glen of Imaal Terriers who perform effortlessly all the year to bring a bit of Glendom to everybody that meets them. They are the reason we get together on this page so thanks to them and thanks to all for sending the news, information and photographs. It couldn’t happen without you and the over 30,000 viewers of our little blog.

A couple of “Of The Year” results have been sent….do we want them? Yes please as there is another week to go until twelfth night and the winter shutdown and news from any Open Shows classifying Glens the first couple of months of 2018 would also be welcome. If anybody meant to enter Manchester Championship Show (judge Stuart Plane and the last qualifier for Crufts 2018)and forgot entries have been extended to January 2nd.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY…but Glen of Imaal Terrier owners, enthusiasts, fanciers and admirers can be top of the list!

For a change let’s celebrate the place were our beloved dogs get their name from. A winter call out for the Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue illustrates what an inhospitable place it can be and the Winter Sunlight painting was first shown at the Royal Ulster Academy 127th Annual Exhibition in September 2008.

Whilst we’re at it…….

……..there are a couple of other press releases that need looking at but these are from the Kennel Club. If anybody with a Champion Glen and one up and coming has clashing problems at a show this may be of interest as it is about scheduling Champion classes. This one deals with AVNSC which is of interest to any Open Show attenders.

File for later following!

Christmas has come and gone so let’s get back to business for a while. The “strapline” of this blog is keeping Glen of Imaal people up to date and that includes things beyond our quite small world. This came out just before Christmas and will certainly affect folk in the UK so keep an eye for it coming out. As always it’ll be the small print that will need the scrutiny.

See you sometime next week

Let’s hear it for December 25th and CHRISTMAS. Wherever you are have an absolutely great one. Glen of Imaal Terrier people around the world are invited to join with Conor and raise a glass around one o’clock in the afternoon. Allowing for various time zones that’ll hopefully mean that even if you are on your own you will know somebody somewhere is thinking of you

DNA Archive Update

The end of year update for the Glen of Imaal Terrier DNA Archive shows that we’ve had a trickle of submissions over the past 3 months … from 7 Glens.  Thank you to their owners … your support is very much appreciated!

 It is very disappointing that only 35% of the swab kits sent / given out have been returned to the Animal Health Trust (AHT):

2013: 7 submissions

2014: 17 submissions

2015: No submissions

2016: GlenArchive website launched

2016: 24 submissions

2017: 33 submissions

 UNUSED SWAB KITS: I will be visiting the AHT in the New Year to return unused swab kits.  If you still have a kit (or kits) that you are not intending to use, I should be grateful if you would kindly return to me by the end of January:

 Alison Seall, 13 Crawford Gardens, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5AZ. UK

 Thank you.


 Hopefully, some New Year’s resolutions will include supporting the Glen DNA Archive!  All you need to do to is send off five buccal (cheek) swabs from your Glen, plus a copy of your Glen’s pedigree and the AHT submission form to the AHT.

 For more information, and to request a kit via the online request form, please visit the dedicated Glen Archive website:

 N.B. The Glen Archive website, which is funded by me, will be “closing its doors” in October 2018, when the domain and hosting package expires.  (The AHT will continue to welcome new submissions from Glens … it is just the dedicated website that will cease activity).

 Wishing you and your Glens a Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2018 … and maybe we can reach that elusive 100 submissions some time next year!




Westminster 2018 invites

Westminster Dog Show is different to Crufts as there is very little space so only the top five dogs in each breed get an invitation. The Glen of Imaal Terriers guaranteed a place in 2018 are (in alphabetical order)

GCHS Abberann Torcan
GCHB Finnabair Double D Friend Of A Friend
GCHB Keadeen’s Blue Boy For Bluesette CAA RATCH
GCH Keadeen’s Second Star To The Right
GCHS Kilkenny’s Across The Universe At Setanta

Congratulations to Oscar, Taylor, Ciaran, Stella and Oona.

Rolling up to Christmas……

….with the Eukanuba/AKC National Championships in Florida. What a great idea to have a cluster of shows somewhere sunny as December takes a grip. No wonder there was a nice Glen of Imaal Terrier entry. The results were very, very similar with Killkenny Over The Universe to Setanta and Finnabair Double D Friend of a Friend making clean sweeps of the top awards (Over The Universe with BOB, Friend of A Friend Best Opposite) with the Selects slightly different. The same results held at the final show-The AKC National Championships with Keadean’s Sir Emmet Mingus Glas and Keadeen’s Second Star To The Right taking Select with Tipperary Ballyfinboy Liam Of Cnoc Best of Winners. The cluster also saw the final of the National Owner Handler Series and Keadeen’s Sir Emmet Mingus Glas cemented his top spot for Glens when he got the nod for BOB. The first Puppy Stakes to be run with the event occurred and the Glen Best Puppy was Finnabair DD Shut Up & Kiss Me.

The Swedish Winners was a Best of Breed for Pearytail Bonnie B Goode with Rosears Master of The House being awarded Best Dog.

Kelli and Griff were at their last Trial of the year at the Clever Dog Academy NADAC agility trial. Five quailifying runs in two days. What an end to a quite sensational year!!

Great going everybody




Just a pet….

Early in November we shared the passing of one of the Glen’s greatest showgirls. Curry put us on the map at a time when Glens had previously been mainly ignored in the showring. Some of the words written in that post “whether a beloved companion who had never met another Glen and was only known to you and their breeder or one that appears on here every week and their success is read by hundreds, we are together” struck cords because on Wednesday emails came in to share the news of two very old Glen of Imaal Terriers that had walked from their earthly families to join the eternal one. Just a pet says nothing and says everything about a 17 year old and a 13 year old that have shared a life and love for such a length of time. Hudson & Shaggydog you did yourselves and all Glen of Imaal Terriers proud. We salute you. And to finish a sad 24 hours for Glen hearts news has also came in of Finn who was with Hudon & Shaggydog as they awoke to a new life.