Just a pet….

Early in November we shared the passing of one of the Glen’s greatest showgirls. Curry put us on the map at a time when Glens had previously been mainly ignored in the showring. Some of the words written in that post “whether a beloved companion who had never met another Glen and was only known to you and their breeder or one that appears on here every week and their success is read by hundreds, we are together” struck cords because on Wednesday emails came in to share the news of two very old Glen of Imaal Terriers that had walked from their earthly families to join the eternal one. Just a pet says nothing and says everything about a 17 year old and a 13 year old that have shared a life and love for such a length of time. Hudson & Shaggydog you did yourselves and all Glen of Imaal Terriers proud. We salute you. And to finish a sad 24 hours for Glen hearts news has also came in of Finn who was with Hudon & Shaggydog as they awoke to a new life.