DNA Archive Update

The end of year update for the Glen of Imaal Terrier DNA Archive shows that we’ve had a trickle of submissions over the past 3 months … from 7 Glens.  Thank you to their owners … your support is very much appreciated!

 It is very disappointing that only 35% of the swab kits sent / given out have been returned to the Animal Health Trust (AHT):

2013: 7 submissions

2014: 17 submissions

2015: No submissions

2016: GlenArchive website launched

2016: 24 submissions

2017: 33 submissions

 UNUSED SWAB KITS: I will be visiting the AHT in the New Year to return unused swab kits.  If you still have a kit (or kits) that you are not intending to use, I should be grateful if you would kindly return to me by the end of January:

 Alison Seall, 13 Crawford Gardens, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5AZ. UK

 Thank you.


 Hopefully, some New Year’s resolutions will include supporting the Glen DNA Archive!  All you need to do to is send off five buccal (cheek) swabs from your Glen, plus a copy of your Glen’s pedigree and the AHT submission form to the AHT.

 For more information, and to request a kit via the online request form, please visit the dedicated Glen Archive website: www.glenarchive.com

 N.B. The Glen Archive website, which is funded by me, will be “closing its doors” in October 2018, when the domain and hosting package expires.  (The AHT will continue to welcome new submissions from Glens … it is just the dedicated website that will cease activity).

 Wishing you and your Glens a Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2018 … and maybe we can reach that elusive 100 submissions some time next year!