Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This time of year we have to do the “Oscar Speech” of thanking the director and the producer but most of all it has to be the extras that are thanked; all the Glen of Imaal Terriers who perform effortlessly all the year to bring a bit of Glendom to everybody that meets them. They are the reason we get together on this page so thanks to them and thanks to all for sending the news, information and photographs. It couldn’t happen without you and the over 30,000 viewers of our little blog.

A couple of “Of The Year” results have been sent….do we want them? Yes please as there is another week to go until twelfth night and the winter shutdown and news from any Open Shows classifying Glens the first couple of months of 2018 would also be welcome. If anybody meant to enter Manchester Championship Show (judge Stuart Plane and the last qualifier for Crufts 2018)and forgot entries have been extended to January 2nd.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY…but Glen of Imaal Terrier owners, enthusiasts, fanciers and admirers can be top of the list!

For a change let’s celebrate the place were our beloved dogs get their name from. A winter call out for the Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue illustrates what an inhospitable place it can be and the Winter Sunlight painting was first shown at the Royal Ulster Academy 127th Annual Exhibition in September 2008.