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The Kennel Club has sent out a press release regarding the ban/sale and use of electric shock collars. Nobody should disagree at all with, this, admittedly emotive, sentence from the release “They train dogs out of fear of further punishment by administering shocks to the dog when they do not perform what is asked of them” but there can be another side to the use of the collar. Quite a while ago one Glen of Imaal Terrier owner decided, as it was recommended by somebody who knew these things, to try a shock collar on their huge prey drive Glen. It’s over twelve years ago now but they were rather surprised to discover they couldn’t “just buy one”. They had to give a reason

Both owner and Glen had to then go on a half day course. The course was to discover if a) the reason was genuine b)would it be of any benefit to the Glen and c) was the owner capable of using a shock collar for the reason wanted? Suffice to say a collar-and it wasn’t cheap-went home with them that afternoon. So why had the collar decision been taken? The Glen in question was always walked on a lead. They were quite good with many dogs also on leads but occasionally they weren’t and there was never, ever indication. One second the Glen would be beside you on the lead but the next you would be laid on your stomach with arm outstretched watching it hurtle towards whatever had offended. A Glen in that mode doesn’t stop for anything much and can be a very efficient killing machines. A “whap” via the collar gave a few seconds chance to prevent a mountain of trouble.

The owner wrote their experience up for a newsletter when it was first mooted that “shocks” could possibly be banned because they wanted to say they had actually made a positive difference for them. It had only been used twice and both times had enabled the Glen to be caught before it wrecked havoc. The Glen, muscles bunched and pumped with adrenaline running high, hadn’t feared the “further punishment” mentioned in the article, they had hardly noticed it but it gave enough of a pause for disaster to be averted. A normal life in daylight had been discovered again, rather than only walking only under the cover of darkness. It never made the newsletter because the owner themselves decided pet folk may not understand that there is always at least two sides to every story and asked for it not to be included. We mention it here, the Glen in question long gone with old age to the happy hunting ground, just to illustrate that you can’t believe everything you read….even from the Kennel Club. Sometimes shock collars were for the good, they certainly prevented one Glen at least leaving this world early.



The Annual General Meeting of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts and Fanciers Club (EFG) will be held after judging of the Open Show on 22nd April 2018 at Sports Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry. CV8 3FL

Items for the agenda need to be sent to the Secretary four weeks before the AGM.

All items for inclusion on the agenda must be in writing, proposed and seconded by fully paid up members of the Club

Jean Rogers, Hedge Green Cottage, Blackjack Road, Swineshead, Boston, Lincs. PE20 3HH


National Terrier (postal) entries close tomorrow

National Terrier postal entries close tomorrow.(There is until March 9th for online but entries will increase by £2.00 per dog after tomorrow). The show will be held on April 7th at Stafford Showground and Mr P Martin will be officiating for Glen of Imaal Terriers. This year every breed has a new class, Special Beginner, which is for any owner/handler/exhibit that has not won a CC or Reserve CC.

Manchester critique


PGD (1)

1 Tobijansk & Tobijanski’s Romainville Becks Blue For Zippor. a solid dog of good type, long head with a strong skull and foreface, well boned front with decent rib and topline, good tail set, in well textured coat of good length. Best dog.

OD (2)

1 Hannington’s Boudivella Oscar, a mustard dog in very tight coat on the day, lovely size, powerful jaw and correct skull with rose ears, well off for bone and substance. Reserve Best Dog.

PB (4)

1 Withers’ Pajantick Hot Totty. A mustard of good size and shape, already has a big rib, balanced head with good bone for her age, needs time to mature.

2 Martel’s Jeonty Letty Be Magic, a darker coloured youngster with a typical head showing strength, pleasing toplline Needs time to mature and improve in coat texture.

3 Forbes’ Jeonty Dreams A Dream With Karensbrae

JB (2)

1 Hannington’s Boudivella Tegan, a bitch of good type, very solid but not lacking quality, well off for bone well shaped head of good length, in good condition Best Bitch and Best of Breed.

2 Forbe’s Jeonty Dreams A Dream With Karensbrae. A well constructed bitch who was unlucky to come up against a more mature bitch.

Judge Stuart Plane

..and we’re back!

What have we missed? It must have been something good as there were over 600 visitors on the 9/10 of February. If you were one of them do let us know what you were looking for-we still might be able to help.

Well “the biggie” of the AKC is gone and done with a triumph for Finnabair Double D Friend of a Friend. Taylor had certainly had a good run pre the event with two Group 4s and numbers 15 & 16 Group 1s. He celebrated his Westminster win with two Group 2s and a Group 3 on his return to Florida. Best Opposite to him in New York was Tipperary American Girl. Ber-D-Mar Sweet William o’Shea was picking up BOBs all over but the best named place must surely be Northern Neck KC of Virginia! Kate Flack was also out with Keadeen’s Sir Emmet Mingus Glas notching up 3 x BOb as well as 2 Owner Handler placements.

Finland doesn’t stop for the darker months. Meomodo Boho’s Trick or Treat was busy picking up Junior Championships in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. At Turku International Dog Show Best of Breed was awarded to Gleann Una Noonan with Rosears Master of the House Best Dog. Lahti Puppy Show saw Madra Athas Ceinlys Chead Ghra took a tremendous Group 2 award. Kajani Show was a BOB for Finnabair North American Nebulon with Pearytail Bonnie B Goode Best Bitch.

We weren’t as quiet as we usually are with Manchester now being in the “closed” period. Best of Breed was Boudivella Tegan with Romainville Becks Blue with Zippor Best Dog. Pajantick Hot Totty was Best Puppy. West Midlands Terrier had Jeonty Minnie MeMe BOB, Golden Spurs Reserve Best of Breed and Jeonty Letty Be Magic Best Puppy. Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire saw Amhard High Flyer getting the nod for Best of Breed and Amhard Manhatten was Reserve as well as Best Puppy. There aren’t a lot of Glen of Imaal Terriers in Scotland so showing is done in the highly competitive Variety classes but Jeonty Dreams A Dream with Karensbrae is certainly getting noticed. A Puppy Group 4 was excellent but then at Coatbridge, Airdrie & District BAVNSC Terrier, Terrier G1, Terrier Puppy G1 and Best Puppy In Show were all added to her precocious bow.

Jeonty Junior Fire and Ice was “The Man” in Eindhoven and he did it again at Gent as well as being pulled in the Group. Boudivella Osca also made the trip over and as Junior is still that, a junior, he picked up the CACIB.

The brains of the breed were not being rested. Quite a few Rally qualifications have been won but two ladies send the BIG news for Glens.Ginny spent two recent weekends having fun at AKC Scent Work trials.  She finished her Novice Buried & Interior titles to add to her already completed Exterior & Container titles, becoming the first Glen of Imaal Terrier to earn an overall AKC Scent Work Novice (SWN) title!  She also earned a Container Novice Elite title (SCNE) by qualifying for the 10th time in that class. Qualifying runs were also received in the Advanced Interior & Advanced Exterior classes (4th place)!   Louise sends news of Tula “Here’s to Tula who earned her Elite Division Level 1 Nose Work title today-another first for Glens. She makes me proud every day”.

Very well done and huge congratulations!! Don’t forget to send along anything you think may be of interest to the worldwide Glen family.