Manchester critique


PGD (1)

1 Tobijansk & Tobijanski’s Romainville Becks Blue For Zippor. a solid dog of good type, long head with a strong skull and foreface, well boned front with decent rib and topline, good tail set, in well textured coat of good length. Best dog.

OD (2)

1 Hannington’s Boudivella Oscar, a mustard dog in very tight coat on the day, lovely size, powerful jaw and correct skull with rose ears, well off for bone and substance. Reserve Best Dog.

PB (4)

1 Withers’ Pajantick Hot Totty. A mustard of good size and shape, already has a big rib, balanced head with good bone for her age, needs time to mature.

2 Martel’s Jeonty Letty Be Magic, a darker coloured youngster with a typical head showing strength, pleasing toplline Needs time to mature and improve in coat texture.

3 Forbes’ Jeonty Dreams A Dream With Karensbrae

JB (2)

1 Hannington’s Boudivella Tegan, a bitch of good type, very solid but not lacking quality, well off for bone well shaped head of good length, in good condition Best Bitch and Best of Breed.

2 Forbe’s Jeonty Dreams A Dream With Karensbrae. A well constructed bitch who was unlucky to come up against a more mature bitch.

Judge Stuart Plane

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  1. As has been asked about a hundred times on Facebook. When did Mustard become a Glen colour????

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