Today’s the day

It’s Terrier Day today at Crufts so it’s your chance to see the biggest number of Glen of Imaal Terriers at the NEC this year. Glens will be judged second in Ring 6, Hall 1 so the results should be on Fossedata by mid afternoon. Photographs will be on here Monday. If you are visiting Crufts to see Glens in all there glory do understand if people aren’t as chatty as usual before going into the ring; we all have nerves of some form or other. Why not come to the Bring & Share afterwards when there will be plenty of time to chat? There is always Discover Dogs to be visited (Glens are in booth T13) in the morning.

As this week is known as the “Crufts Week” blog, and lists are liked, the following has been sent

Have a great time everybody

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  1. Had a fab day with my Fern coming 3rd in Puppy … thanks to you all for being so hospitable and friendly to my son Dayan and I … see you next year ;)…. big thanks to Jean and Liz for mentoring me 😉

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