Certainly a different Crufts…..

….well it was for Glen of Imaal Terrier exhibitors and admirers. 2nd in ring 6 so you turn up there and, okay not the biggest entry, where is everybody and where’s my bench, where’s my breeder, where’s my family? Somebody, somewhere had suffered from a rush of blood to the head when drawing up the benching plan and Glens were one side of ring 6 and one side of ring 5; so far apart we couldn’t even see each other! Being as stoic as our breed there was a lot of sighing and a lot of walking to each other (Welsh & Airedales were between us) but then there was a “sod it, this is rubbish” and the organiser’s office was visited for a non-official, official complaint. Vanessa McAlpine said it most certainly shouldn’t have happened and she’d find out why and get back. What she finds out will be reported on here.

Nobody had travelled from abroad this year but the Quarrie’s & Lin Smith, being from the Isle of Man & Guernsey, certainly got their travelling miles. There were folk new to the breed and people returning once more to Glens. It was great to see everybody and everything certainly seemed to go well. Admittedly the Bring & Share had a bit of a problem with the ridiculous benching arrangements as it isn’t a good idea to leave your dogs but a lot of food was “brunged” and it was shared via platefuls being taken away.

Dog CC & Best of Breed was awarded to Boudivella Oscar with the Reserve CC going to his uncle, Romainville Billy Wizz. Bitch CC went to Jeonty Minnie MeMe and the Reserve went to the Isle of Man with Rhumsaamist Glen Maye at Quaywest. Best Puppy travelled to the north of Scotland with Jeonty Dreams A Dream of Karensbrae (daughter of the bitch ticket winner) and Best Veteran went to the positively infantile-in Glen veteran terms-Kirikee Celtic Warrior.

Various Glen people around the world have asked, as “we’re so good”, if there is any chance of a full set of photographs? Flattery like that and anything can be done. Feel free to share them collectively or individually but a credit to either RBT (International) or the EFG blog would be appreciated.

As usual they’ll be more about Glens at Crufts tomorrow





7 thoughts on “Certainly a different Crufts…..

  1. I need some help. Does anyone have any photos of Romainville Uptown Girl (Roxy) at Crufts 2014 when she won Best Bitch? Someone took one with the word Crufts behind her but I cant find it.

      • Liz, I would like to get a couple of the Pictures that Harold took. Do I need to get them through you or can I send the photo to the printing company on line?

      • They are very small images on the blog. Find out what size is needed and Harold will sort them.

  2. Could I please have 6 x 4 of Osca, Uptown Girl and the one will all BD, BP BB and Vet.

      • I want to have a couple of pictures framed with the rosettes and Certificates. I am going to send of for some other pictures from Truprint so I can do this with the digital. I am not worried either way. just let me know what I owe and I will sort out at the next time I see you.

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