All change for gPRA testing.

It is no longer possible to have the DNA test for CRD3 in Glen of Imaal Terriers at Bochum University. Biofocus (also in Germany) have taken it over.

The form for submission is on

Information on how to take a swab and 1 ml EDTA-Blood is sufficient

The price, if a member of a Glen breed club is 40,00 Euro plus 19% VAT, Non-members will have to pay 45,00 Euro plus VAT.

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  1. I have some questions!


    Is VAT supposed be 19% … it is usually 20% …?

    EUR 40 + 19% VAT = EUR 47.60 — GBP 42.00
    EUR 40 + 20% VAT = EUR 48.00

    EUR 45 + 19% VAT = EUR 53.55
    EUR 45 + 20% VAT = EUR 55.00 — GBP 48.60


    Both Bochum & Optigen changed from buccal (cheek) swab sampling to blood sampling a good few years ago.

    There is no indication on the form that crd3 testing should be from a blood sample.

    Is this new Lab now going back to cheek swab sampling?


    If this Lab IS going back to cheek swab sampling, where will owners obtain the required 2 swabs … will they have to request from the Lab in Germany first … or will the breed club hold a supply of suitable swab kits?


    Blood sampling: the form says ‘EDTA-blood (approx. 0.5 ml)’ …this notice says 1ml … Optigen says ‘2mls or more is preferred’ (and I’m sure Bochum used to be the same).

    Anyone taking the form to their vet will probably have forgotten what was written here(!) … and the vet will follow the instructions and take 0.5mls, as per the form …

    Can you confirm that 0.5mls is enough?


    Has the Kennel Club been notified of this change i.e. for acceptance of results for the KC database?


    Will LaDR Biofocus be sending results to the Kennel Club?


    To help owners … and to clarify the discrepancies noted above i.e. swab vs. blood and 0.5mls or 1ml or 2+mls … will information regarding how to go about DNA testing for crd3 (either at Biofcus or Optigen) be provided on the EFG website?

    Thank you for answering these queries …

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