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“A KC Breed Education Co-ordinator (known as the BEC) is an administrative role to co-ordinate all points of breed specific education and support for judges. This co-ordinating role is held on behalf of the breed clubs in order to support the breed club obligations under the Judges Competency Framework (JCF) for the education and training of judges.”

There is to be one BEC per breed so the Glen Association and EFG are asking if anybody, connected or not with Glen of Imaal Terriers, would like to take on this role for the breed? It will be a multi-faceted role and will take up a fair bit of time. Below is the job description circulated by the Kennel Club. If you think you could do it (or would like to know more) do contact Anne Hardy (Secretary Glen Association) or Jean Rogers (Secretary EFG). Please share this around.

Who can be a KC Breed Education Co-ordinator?

  • Someone with good administration experience, including spread-sheets, reports and a familiarity with computer skills. They do not necessarily already award CCs in that breed
  • They do not necessarily need to be a current or previous breed club committee member
  • Someone who is currently active or has retired from judging and has the regard of the breed club/breed council
  • The BEC does not necessarily have to be someone from within the breed, as this is a coordination role.
  • Someone who is personable and approachable, who will be able to create a good rapport with both judges and member of the relevant breed clubs/councils

Please note: The Kennel Club envisages that in numerically small breeds the BEC could act as either a Mentor or Observer, in addition to the role of BEC, with the permission of the Kennel Club, but not all 3 roles

What is the Scope of the KC Breed Education Co-ordinator’s Role (BEC)?

  • To administrate and co-ordinate the information and delivery of a judge’s education in the breed
  • Liaison with breed clubs/breed council
  • Liaison with prospective breed judges
  • To liaise between the breed clubs/breed councils and the Kennel Club Education & Training team to ensure that the BEC/breed clubs do not operate in isolation.
  • To act as point of contact for breed education enquiries
  • Co-ordination of Breed Appreciation Day and Multiple-choice Breed Standard Exams
  • Co-ordination of breed mentoring days
  • Co-ordination of mentors
  • Co-ordination of observers
  • Proactively promote the breed and recruiting of new judges

What are the Responsibilities of a KC Breed Education Co-ordinator (BEC)?

  • To identify the need for educational opportunities
  • To forward plan the breed’s education and training needs to ensure an effective process
  • To co-ordinate Breed Appreciation Days by liaising with breed clubs/breed councils
  • With the assistance of the breed clubs/breed councils, to develop the Multiple-choice Breed Standard Exam for prospective judges based on the breed standard for use at Breed Appreciation Days as per guidance set out in the Code of Best Practice for the Running of a Breed Appreciation Day and subsequent Multiple-choice Breed Standard Exam
  • To arrange the delivery of the Multiple-choice Breed Standard Exam at Breed Appreciation Days
  • To assist Kennel Club Education and Training Team with the delivery of Breed Competence Assessments as required
  • To update the Kennel Club Education and Training team with details of the activities organised by the BEC, breed clubs and/or breed council and also to advise the KC of the outcomes from training provided
  • To provide an annual report to the breed clubs/breed councils and Kennel Club on all of the activities organised
  • To identify through breed clubs/breed councils and assist in the recruitment of mentors within the breed
  • To facilitate the initial introduction of the mentor to the judge as and when required, and to monitor the mentoring process with each judge
  • To encourage breed clubs/breed council to actively promote the supported entry club shows
  • To identify through breed clubs/breed councils and assist in the recruitment of observers to observe judges when required
  • To arrange for judges to be observed at the appropriate time/show
  • To collate information on feedback sheets, on the performance of ‘trainers’
  • To receive feedback from the observers, mentors and assessors for updating judges records so that their details are given at the correct JCF judging Level
  • To help judges, where appropriate, to reflect on and learn from things that did not turn out as expected
  • To refer the judge to other sources of information, advice or further support when appropriate
  • To encourage judges, mentors and observers to take responsibility for their own decisions, plans and actions when appropriate
  • To present a positive image of the Kennel Club and follow Kennel Club’s Code of Practice for Volunteers
  • To keep up-to-date, accurate and confidential records of all contacts made and subsequent actions taken.

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  1. Geesh – I would love to do this but here in the States that person is Mary McDaniel who does her Judges education ring side while at the same time showing her dog. No one else is allowed to have anything at all to do with Judges Education or you have the wrath of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Club of America rain down all over you!

    Sincerely, Judi

    AKC Breeder of Merit

    You can now follow our show puppies on http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sirblu-Danes-and-Glens

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