Green Books were posted last week.

The Green Books went to the post office last week so they should be with people who asked for them in the UK soon; obviously the foreign ones will take longer.

There have been queries about it so here goes:-

It’s actually called “The Glen of Imaal Terrier-A Short Introduction” but it’s got a green cover, hence The Green Book.

It does what it says on the tin, it’s a short introduction. It was originally compiled to come under the weight limit of a 2nd class stamp and even with the new pages it still does so it’s no coffee table monster.

Inside it has Introduction to the Glen, Origin & History, Breed Standard, Interpreting The Breed Standard, Temperament, Trimming the Glen of Imaal, Glens Usually Enjoy Life, health, Anything else? Choosing A Glen. Not a shabby set of pages at all for something so small.

Yes, there are photographs.

Yes IT IS FREE. As was said before it’s been done, as it originally was, as a service for the breed. If you are overseas obviously postage would be greatly appreciated as that isn’t a second class stamp. Of course we are psychic but sometimes the powers fail regarding post and zip codes so do remember to include your full address if asking for one.

We’re happy to hear that there are thoughts of translating it into other languages. Please do, an acknowledgement as to where it originated would be nice though.

2 thoughts on “Green Books were posted last week.

  1. Hello Liz,

    Eleanore and I would indeed be grateful for a copy.

    Our Welby, whelped in the kitchen of our old house, son of Julie, who herself was sired by Kafka, is now 12+ years old, showing his age, but still very much with us. He is kept youthful, perhaps more youthful than he would choose, by our 20 month old Norwich, Thomas, who was sired by the top-winning California dog Mick.

    All best to you,


    Andrew Nadell 2821 Jackson Street San Francisco, California 94115


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