It’s puppy time again……

…so the following is very apt and it brings up some very relevant points that folk, in their enthusiasm to have a pup, forget about.

1) Family decision. Dad & Mum do remember that Glens live for a long time. Do you want to be constrained by a dog when 13 year old Sonny(who you got the dog for) goes to University….you’ll be responsible long after Sonny finishes Uni and hopefully leaves home.

2) Will it fit with my life in 2, 5, 7 years? You’ve always loved pups and you’ve always been fit but if you’re top side of 65 are you really going to be able to do justice (walk, groom, exercise) at 70 or 75 or more and in the winter as well?

3) Am I prepared for the bad bits? It’s so easy to see just cute gorgeous puppies, the internet is full of photographs of them. They don’t show the absolute hell they can cause. The chewed shoes. The “little present” you step into first thing in the morning. The barking for sheer joy of life. The list can be very long.

4) Have I researched the breed? This is on a Glen of Imaal Terrier blog so a straight link to the Glen Quiz will hopefully help. A Glen of Imaal Terrier is most certainly NOT a “fur baby”.

5) Do I have time (and ability) to walk it? A Glen is a walking breed. A quick run around the garden is not for a Glen. A Glen is a dog that likes to be out. They do enjoy exercise once they realise they aren’t couch potato slobs. Just for some idea what a Glen can do; four miles a day, five times a week, isn’t beyond them at all.

6) Can I afford to insure it? This is a debatable question as in the normal course of events insurance wouldn’t be needed but what if suddenly there is the big vet’s bill or the Glen gets out and causes a traffic accident? Perhaps can I afford possible big bills would be better?

As it says below. If it is no, nope, not sure, good point to anything below DO NOT GET A PUPPY!!!

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