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Windsor entry announced

Windsor Dog Show (Terrier day 29th June) has announced their entry and there will be 7 Glen of Imaal Terriers for judge Yvonne Cannon. When the query before entries closed was “who?” (she is a Shih Tzu person now but had SCWT in the 70s) because nobody had heard of her it’s a very good entry indeed!

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If you’re entered at the World Show….

why not advertise in the actual official magazine! Copy by July 1st

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Soon be mid-summer

When you’re UK based writing “nearly mid-summer” makes for a sigh as the nights will start to draw in after the 21st and summer here hasn’t even started in many places. This time of the year though means that dog showing often takes second place as school holidays approach with children & grandchildren needing amusing. As usual we’re inviting notifications of anything going on that can be done en-famille. Something that doesn’t cost the earth when there are more to pay for than usual, something fun, something that can be done with your Glen of Imaal Terrier (or any dog come to that) without the pressure of high fees and wondering whether your beloved will fit in. Heritage days, companion show days,  fun show days, the blog is thrown open to you. Just let us know in time so we can get it up here

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BVA/KC eye testing clinic reminder

EYE TESTING-Saturday 21st July 2018

BVA/KC eye testing will be held at Hedge Green Cottage, Blackjack Road, Swineshead, Boston, Lincs. PE20 3HH. Peter Bedford will be officiating and appointments are needed. Please share everywhere

Jean Rogers

This is for all Breeds not just Glen of Imaal Terriers

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June Kennel Club Journal

The June KC Journal can be read now

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Paignton (postal) entries close today

Paignton Championship Show (postal) entries close today. Glen of Imaal Terriers are on Saturday August 4th and the breed judge is M Ord.

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Breed Education Co-ordinator

The Breed Education Coordinator for Glen of Imaal Terriers is Jane Alstead. She is fully aware that people are asking about a Seminar, or Breed Appreciation Day as they are now to be called, for Glens. As an aside which focus group decided they should be known as B.A.D now? As soon as she finds her feet plans will begin. Jane can be contacted via email at


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