BVA/KC eye testing clinic reminder

EYE TESTING-Saturday 21st July 2018

BVA/KC eye testing will be held at Hedge Green Cottage, Blackjack Road, Swineshead, Boston, Lincs. PE20 3HH. Peter Bedford will be officiating and appointments are needed. Please share everywhere

Jean Rogers

This is for all Breeds not just Glen of Imaal Terriers

Breed Education Co-ordinator

The Breed Education Coordinator for Glen of Imaal Terriers is Jane Alstead. She is fully aware that people are asking about a Seminar, or Breed Appreciation Day as they are now to be called, for Glens. As an aside which focus group decided they should be known as B.A.D now? As soon as she finds her feet plans will begin. Jane can be contacted via email at

Another week gone

Let’s begin this week in California as it’s a while since there have been a number of Glen of Imaal Terriers showing in that State. Yosemite KC had a back to back with Keadeen’s Second Star To The Right Best of Breed both days. Keadenn’s Happy Go Lucky and Keadeen’s Kind of Blue were the two Best Opposites. Contra Costa County KC (another great name) was another double triumph again for Second Star with Happy Go Lucky once again Best Opposite. Moving east to McKinley KC Daulton’s Captain Jack of Roseglen took the top Glen award there. Greenwich Kennel Club had Ber-D-Mar Sweet William taking BOB. Abberann Phelan was THE man of the weekend, at b2b shows at Wheaton KC he was Group 1 both days and Reserve Best In Show on the second!

The Scandinavian enthusiasts put us all to shame with their enthusiasm week after week. Rosears Made To Measure was Best of Breed at Forssa with Marfidal Santa Baby Best Bitch. In Palanga (Lithuania) Rosears Kate the Duchess was BOB and became a new Lithuanian and Baltic Champion. The Latvian Winners saw Gleann Indico Indy take the “big rosette” with Gleann Una Noonan Best Opposite. Miijoonakoira was another Best of Breed trophy for Gleann Flatbone Stiubhard with Astorren Best Bitch. In Germany, to celebrate 40 years of the SCWT there a special show was held for the Terriers of Ireland. BOB was Jeonty Junior Fire & Ice with Best Bitch Heart of Green Island Abbigail

Jeonty Dreams A Dream with Karensbrae was out in Varieties and at Dundee was Best Not Separately Classified.

In the “Brains Department” Laura Trainor reports ” Liam, Niamh and Kylee found the Pi-rats at the Central Bark Barn Hunt trial. Niamh earned 3 Master Qs.” What a great photo!

Congratulations all

It’s puppy time again……

…so the following is very apt and it brings up some very relevant points that folk, in their enthusiasm to have a pup, forget about.

1) Family decision. Dad & Mum do remember that Glens live for a long time. Do you want to be constrained by a dog when 13 year old Sonny(who you got the dog for) goes to University….you’ll be responsible long after Sonny finishes Uni and hopefully leaves home.

2) Will it fit with my life in 2, 5, 7 years? You’ve always loved pups and you’ve always been fit but if you’re top side of 65 are you really going to be able to do justice (walk, groom, exercise) at 70 or 75 or more and in the winter as well?

3) Am I prepared for the bad bits? It’s so easy to see just cute gorgeous puppies, the internet is full of photographs of them. They don’t show the absolute hell they can cause. The chewed shoes. The “little present” you step into first thing in the morning. The barking for sheer joy of life. The list can be very long.

4) Have I researched the breed? This is on a Glen of Imaal Terrier blog so a straight link to the Glen Quiz will hopefully help. A Glen of Imaal Terrier is most certainly NOT a “fur baby”.

5) Do I have time (and ability) to walk it? A Glen is a walking breed. A quick run around the garden is not for a Glen. A Glen is a dog that likes to be out. They do enjoy exercise once they realise they aren’t couch potato slobs. Just for some idea what a Glen can do; four miles a day, five times a week, isn’t beyond them at all.

6) Can I afford to insure it? This is a debatable question as in the normal course of events insurance wouldn’t be needed but what if suddenly there is the big vet’s bill or the Glen gets out and causes a traffic accident? Perhaps can I afford possible big bills would be better?

As it says below. If it is no, nope, not sure, good point to anything below DO NOT GET A PUPPY!!!

Green Books were posted last week.

The Green Books went to the post office last week so they should be with people who asked for them in the UK soon; obviously the foreign ones will take longer.

There have been queries about it so here goes:-

It’s actually called “The Glen of Imaal Terrier-A Short Introduction” but it’s got a green cover, hence The Green Book.

It does what it says on the tin, it’s a short introduction. It was originally compiled to come under the weight limit of a 2nd class stamp and even with the new pages it still does so it’s no coffee table monster.

Inside it has Introduction to the Glen, Origin & History, Breed Standard, Interpreting The Breed Standard, Temperament, Trimming the Glen of Imaal, Glens Usually Enjoy Life, health, Anything else? Choosing A Glen. Not a shabby set of pages at all for something so small.

Yes, there are photographs.

Yes IT IS FREE. As was said before it’s been done, as it originally was, as a service for the breed. If you are overseas obviously postage would be greatly appreciated as that isn’t a second class stamp. Of course we are psychic but sometimes the powers fail regarding post and zip codes so do remember to include your full address if asking for one.

We’re happy to hear that there are thoughts of translating it into other languages. Please do, an acknowledgement as to where it originated would be nice though.

It’s June already

Half way through the year and the Glen of Imaal Terrier train continues on. At The Glen Association Open Show Best In Show was awarded to Boudivella Osca with Romainville Izzywhizzy Best Bitch and Reserve Best In Show. Best Veteran Kirikee Celtic Warrior with Amhard Off The Cuff Best Puppy. Southern Counties saw Romainville Bilbo Baggins Best of Breed.

Estonian Winners weekend: Gleann Cotton Cody and Gleann Una Noonan took the 2018 title with Cotton Cody Best of Breed. At the Special Terrier Show held there BOB Glen was Madra Athas Ceinlys Chead Ghra, Best Opposite Sex Gleann Indico Indy. The news for Glens though is that Finnabair Broc Rua Arda took Puppy Group 3! In Australia Taufield Queen Of Tara took Runner Up Neuter in Group so she now has her Neuter title

Over in America at Toledo Kennel Club Daulton’s Sailor John of Roseglen was BOB. Salisbury (North Carolina) KC had Kilkenny’s Irish American Classic at Castlerock Best of Breed and Kilkenny’s Middleton of Irish Spirit was OHG2. American Classic repeated the win at Greater Hickory KC. Finnabair Shorlyne Caatskill Comedy Tonight took 2x OHG3 & OHG4 at a cluster in Columbia New Jersey.

Kate Flack sends news:-Four shows at the Fargo-Moorhead KC cluster amongst very warm summer weather, high winds, rain and thunder storms. GCHS Keadeen’s Sir Emmet Mingus Glasawarded a 2 x Group 2, two Group 3’s, OHG2 and an Nat’l Owner Handler RBIS. Emmet’s 10-month-old sister, Keadeen’s Something Like a Phenomenon, also made the journey, receiving valuable ring experience and several compliments from judges

Congratulations everyone