Whilst still in World Show mode

If any Glen of Imaal Terrier exhibitor is getting to the World Show in Amsterdam early (exhibition days are 9,10,11,12 August) there is something happening on the 8th that might be of interest if you have travelled there by car. Unfortunately it isn’t in Amsterdam so if you have flown in as a spectator or travelled by train it might take a bit of work to attend.

Seminar Irish Glen of Imaal Terriers in Dog Training School, Parkweg 412A, Schiedam ; 8.8.2018

Organizers: WFIGIT & Suomen Glennit ry

from 2pm- to 5.45pm

2pm Welcome………Pascal Tyndall, Tiina Assinen

2.15pm Curly frontlegs- possible new health test in Finland in the future by Tiina Assinen ( FI)

2.30pm Irish Glen of Imaal terriërs, facts & figures 2018 by Huub van Benthum, Glen-Footprints Database (NL)

3pm Double mating by Gitte Thornsen ( DK)

3.15pm Health test presentation by Alison Seall ( UK)

3.45pm break

4pm Intestinal problems by Dr. Mary McDaniel (USA)

4.30pm Glen Achieve by Alison Seall (UK)

4.40pm Importance of health testing by Dr. Mary McDaniel & Tiina Assinen

5.10pm Registration Stud Males by Anne Wibier (NL)

5.20pm Free words/ open discussion

6pm BBQ


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  1. If Google maps is accurate it looks like it will take about two hours to get to the seminar from Amsterdam by train and public transportation. Perhaps those of us who are in Amsterdam early can gather our resources and go together.

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