UK residents only please.

Received from Our Dogs (Canine newspaper)

Whoever you speak to in dogs has an opinion about almost everything and most have good reasons for thinking the way they do.  But those opinions are personal: the only way to get a consensus is to conduct a carefully designed survey which goes out to as many people as possible.

Our Dogs is in a unique position as its readers (in print or online), Facebook followers and those who receive our email Newsletter are all genuinely interested in the future of the world of dogs whether or not they read the paper.  We hope that as many as possible will participate in this short survey – for the feedback will be invaluable to us and, we believe, to everyone concerned about the future of the world of show dogs. It should only take you three or four minutes to complete.

The survey can be seen here and be assured your responses are private and confidential.  The programme does not allow us to track respondents


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  1. What a joke not one mention of ethical dog breeding and ownership alll show and tickets! Tickets in the UK were the biggest backwards step this breed has ever taken. I along with 3 others opposed them when I was a goita committee and club member. We lost.

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