Discover Dogs (London)

ExCeL London is the home of the October Discover Dogs extravaganza. It’s on the 20th & 21st of October and there is anything and everything dog related. Glen of Imaal Terriers are there on both days if you want to say hello or actually meet one. Booth 85 is the one to head for!

1 thought on “Discover Dogs (London)

  1. Hello Liz
    I hope the people on the stand tell people the facts about the breed? That they are not a cuddly teddy bear, that they need a firm hand and aren’t the dog for everyone.
    That they need proper integration with other animals from literally day one, That proper training is given and that Glens aren’t the dog to be simply let of their lead for a run with other dogs.
    When myself and Jason Atkin were asked to do a turn on the stand in the past we weren’t always liked by some for telling the facts.
    My dad always said these three things
    about the Glen more intelligent than a collie, manipulative as child with incredible strength. I agree I’ve seen Glens think weak minded people out they not stupid a damn clever dog.

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