Could you be a Breed Buddy?

The internet is a decent enough reference source but sometimes a real life person is needed and this is why we’d like to introduce Breed Buddies. The Buddy will be there for anybody who wants to know more about Glen of Imaal Terriers. Maybe general advice, maybe specific, maybe they already have a Glen and would like to meet somebody in the area. They could be first timers, second timers or third but still a little apprehensive about asking for help or thoughts. A Breed Buddy would be there on the end of the telephone or email to give that personal touch that Dr Google can’t.

So could you be a Breed Buddy? The only ability needed is to know something about Glen of Imaal Terriers and be willing to help. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t have Glens anymore because if you had them once you quite probably have more knowledge than the person contacting you. Your name and details (you can choose what you want to appear but you must be contactable) will appear on the website, given out by the EFG secretary and, who knows, possibly in the future incorporated into a flyer. If you think you could be a Breed Buddy do drop Jean Rogers an email.

BREED BUDDIES-here to help you.