As it’s December……

….it’s time to look back at how judges have performed with their critiques in the UK.

It’s been a very good year with only two missing. It’s three if you count the Glen Association Show but as that was only last week no worries at all as the judge, Val Harley, is a breed person and knows what is desired. Unfortunately though the same can’t be said of the two judges with no critiques up to yet. Jeff Luscott (Belfast) and Tom Johnston (SWKA) are serial offenders across many breeds. Glen of Imaal Terrier folk aren’t known for being subtle and a loud “why haven’t you done the critique?” across the judges’ dining room at a show four and a half months on caused, surprise, surprise, a critique to appear.

Things have changed since then and the Kennel Club now has a rule regarding the length of time critiques should be submitted. As can be seen by the advice below it’s three months so, before the fingers come out to count, there is full acknowledgement that there is still time. Hopefully both gentlemen will be running it to the wire and their critiques will appear before complaints start to go into the Kennel Club. We’ll love to be able to add their names to the list of judges who have felt honoured enough by the time, effort and money exhibitors have spent to show their dogs under them.

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  1. If judges don’t give critiques they should have half their fee withheld and not used by the breed in until the people do their job.

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