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  1. This is no different to livestock breeding the champions can breed nothing its the breeder the sire of the champion my father used to say “champion” lets see his brothers/ sire and uncles. In sheep you have good ram breeding rams and ewe breeding rams the same in poultry cock and hen breeders.
    In horse racing look at Brigadier Gerard a great racehorse but bred very little of use when at stud !

  2. Rick Beauchamp writes, “This is actually not the fault of the sire, but of the owners of the many bitches who follow the parade to the popular sire, regardless of the fact that he would in fact be the last choice for their particular bitch.”

    It takes two to tango!!

    What about the stud dog owner who accepts every request to use his/her stud dog …???

    A responsible, principled stud dog owner will say “No” to bitch owners … e.g.

    ~ not a suitable match because of doubling up of faults
    ~ when the dog has already sired his “quota” of litters

    The EFG Code of Ethics recommends these “Best Practice” guidelines to stud dog owners:

    “Dog not to produce more than six UK-bred litters over the course of his lifetime” …

    Bitch owners can check the “status” of a stud dog i.e. number of litters sired, by visiting the Kennel Club website …

    Search for: KC health test results finder

    ~ Type in the dog’s KC registered name (spelling must be correct)
    ~ Then click on the “Progeny” tab and you will see

    “xx puppies from x litters have been registered with this dog as the sire.”

    N.B. The number of litters produced may be higher if there is a litter (or litters) “on the ground” that are yet to be registered. Also check with the stud dog owner …

    To bitch owners … If the stud dog has already sired six litters … think about the wider picture i.e. the future health and well-being of our lovely breed … and look for another stud dog.

    The Kennel Club writes, “Popular sires, or male dogs that are used to produce large numbers of puppies, are one of the biggest contributors to a reduction in genetic diversity, an increase in inbreeding and elevated levels of genetic diseases within a breed …… excessive use of any males can be detrimental to the over-all population.”

      • Glen that always happened till very recently and a very good thing too the cross helped both ways you always get they must be kept absolutely pure? The Glen?
        Ive met people who keep the Scottish or Lassie collie who droned on about the purity of their breed till it was pointed out by a North American friend of mine that the Borzoi was put into the breed on a number of occasions and the finding of original type Scottish collies in the USA. The result silence and a very grudging acceptance of the fact that she was correct, then a yes it was used to improve appearance and temperament

    • I believe the biggest problem to genetic diversity is the show ring. When I got Glens back again in 2001
      the dogs in the UK were inbred and not of the type or temperament I knew or wanted.
      I went to Eire and with the help of Eamonn Dobbyn bless him had a good look around and got a bitch from Christy of the type I wanted.
      The only person in the UK who would let me use a dog was Kathy George.
      I then brought in Fred and Brandy plus a bitch from Ian McCulloch.
      I had to get my own dogs as ” my bitches were riddled with PRA and 1 was x bred ?.
      The biggest block to diversity here was ignorance and fear and i brought my dogs ” males” in because I couldn’t see anything of the type / temperament/ working ability I wanted
      The 6 litters idea is of no use as of in my case you don’t want what’s on offer. A semen bank as used in livestock would be a good idea to help diversity. We lost most blood lines and colour variants the cross marked and others between 1950/1990.
      When the show/working divide appeared and you cannot force people to use what they don’t want or impose limits on studs.
      I have turned down bitches on a number of occasions to my dogs if I don’t like the type or temperament.
      Temperament rarely mentioned and to me is paramount.
      We all have different views that should be respected. I was proven right on PRA all my stock was clear.

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