I Challenge You

I challenge you……to find tolerance instead of criticism. Even with a breed standard as our guide we all have our own preferences which are not necessarily better than someone else’s….just different

I challenge you……to find respect instead of contempt, when a breeder says they have eye or other problems show up in a litter. Unless we identify problems we cannot prevent them destroying the breed.

I challenge you……to find the courage to protect this wonderful breed by honestly and openly offering information on possible problems that you find in your bloodlines. Only together can they be overcome.

I challenge you……to embrace the fellowship of Glens. We are a diverse group with different ideas on many things who have come together for the love of the breed. Listen to one another. Debate with one another. Learn from one another. Together educate truthfully all who ask about this unique breed for we are the guardians of its future.



3 thoughts on “I Challenge You

  1. Long overdue I’ve always been honest about my dogs it doesn’t make you popular but I frankly don’t care what others think.
    Honesty every time

  2. I challenge you….. to fight against straight fronts especially when you know it’s not right.
    I challenge you … to fight against the level back, when you know it’s not right.
    I challenge you…. to fight against the high tail set when you know it’s not right.

  3. I challenge you ……to fight against the back that doesnt rise is what i wanted to say. Long Live the real Glen! Happy Christmas all.

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