It’s taken 31 years…..

….but it’s finally happened

Way back in 1985 Malsville Man Alone was born and he was the first Glen of Imaal Terrier to obtain a Kennel Club Junior Warrant, which was awarded in 1987. Most people in Glens now don’t even remember Tom and think a JW impossible to achieve in the breed. THEY ARE WRONG because 31 years later we hear that his 6 times great granddaughter has gone and done it again!

Jeonty Dreams A Dream with Karensbrae from all the way up in Inverness, so huge travelling involved, is now the second proud Glen to have those elusive initials after her name. So many, many congratulations!!!!

4 thoughts on “It’s taken 31 years…..

  1. Tom also got the first Best in Show for the Breed in the UK – Lancashire Sporting Terrier wasn’t it?

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