It’s today!

Westminster Terrier Day is today, Glen of Imaal Terriers are on at 11.00am so with the 5 hour time difference results and streaming should be available from around 4.00pm UK time.

Streaming is available from quite a few sources but the most reliable if you are this side of the pond is probably the channel on You Tube and there are also links on Westminster website. The Breed results can be found here so have a great show anybody participating at Westminster or just visiting and remember we need pictures! Whilst waiting for the Glen results take a look at this. Yes, it’s the Hound Group but the Standard Long taking Group 1 is co-owned by Theresa Nesbitt, the American arm of Abberann so congratulations to her.

Westminster put the catalogue online so below are the Glens you’ll be seeing. Finnabair Double D Friend of a Friend is not competing and neither is Gleann Damn Daisy