It’s nearly the middle of February……

….so have you paid 2019 Glen of Imaal Terrier Breed Club subscriptions yet? The two UK Club secretaries, Jean Rogers (EFG) and Anne Hardy (Glen Association) would love to hear from you if you haven’t and that goes for the rest of the world Clubs as well. Subscriptions for the EFG can now be paid via paypal on the EFG website.

It’s today!

Westminster Terrier Day is today, Glen of Imaal Terriers are on at 11.00am so with the 5 hour time difference results and streaming should be available from around 4.00pm UK time.

Streaming is available from quite a few sources but the most reliable if you are this side of the pond is probably the channel on You Tube and there are also links on Westminster website. The Breed results can be found here so have a great show anybody participating at Westminster or just visiting and remember we need pictures! Whilst waiting for the Glen results take a look at this. Yes, it’s the Hound Group but the Standard Long taking Group 1 is co-owned by Theresa Nesbitt, the American arm of Abberann so congratulations to her.

Westminster put the catalogue online so below are the Glens you’ll be seeing. Finnabair Double D Friend of a Friend is not competing and neither is Gleann Damn Daisy

Without a doubt….

…this week’s round up has to start with the BRAINS side of Glen of Imaal Terriers. Last week the Glen agility finalist at Westminster was given a shout and now the results are in. Laura Trainor writes:-

Double Q for the day!
That is her 100th lifetime Master Standard Q!

What an achievement so if anybody ever asks you if Glens can do Agility the answer is Oh, Yes!!!! They also can do Rally as Monique reports:- Ginny qualified for the 3rd time, placed first, and earned a title in the AKC Rally Novice class this weekend in Rye Brook, New York.  She then ran in the Rally Intermediate class and came in first place with a score of 99 out of 100.

We were also exhibiting as well. In Finland Gleann Eager Edgar was BOB at Kauhava Group Show and in Tallin, Estonia, Finnabair Broc Rua Arda of Gleann was Best of Breed with Gleann Kooky Kanye Best Opposite. The day after, Tallin Winter Cup saw Broc Rua in at Best Bitch with Rosears Master of the House Best of Breed. In the UK West Midlands Terrier had Jeonty Letty Be Magic as BOB and at Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire Amhard Off the Cuff was the man


Great going everybody and for the Brains Brigade….just wow!!



Eye Testing Clinic

Getting emails and calls about the usual eye testing clinic at Newark in February. This is NOT going to be taking place due to the cost of hiring being virtually doubled. Yes, it is paid for, it is not donated.

Peter Bedford will be testing at North Muskham Community Centre NG23 6HL on March 16th. (This is just a couple of miles from Newark Showground). Bookings are required, please contact Sara on 07990545054



Crufts entries released

The Kennel Club have released the entry figures for Crufts 2019. Across the disciplines a total of 20,565 dogs are entered, just a few hundred down on last year. In all honesty the Glen of Imaal Terrier entry at just 20 (8 dogs and 12 bitches) is not good but what was expected? With the cost of entries, the stress of the show and getting there for a 9.00am start combining with a judge that hasn’t shown an awful lot of affinity for the breed previously it isn’t too big a surprise.