Grooming the Glen of Imaal Terrier

Anybody with a Glen knows how quickly they become a great heap of hair and then panic starts to set in…..what can I do now? Because of this recurring problem for Glen folk all over the world the EFG website has a couple of pages on how to tackle it before Hungarian Puli sets in. Grooming a Glen (and Trimming  a Glen) has been shared, borrowed and used for years by numerous websites, breed clubs, all and sundry in fact, and it continues to be the “go to” resource. That’s what it was intended for so no problem at all.

Something in it though has recently been queried….the use of scissors around the ear and tail? Should scissors be used anywhere on a Glen other than between the pads? The Guides were written by probably the original purist on the matter and they thought hard about it and came to the conclusion that the mention (and use) of scissors on those two parts of the anatomy was correct. After all the remit was to write an introduction to Grooming the Glen that all could use; whether first pet owner, serious exhibitor or professional groomer. Getting a puppy Glen used to standing still and having things done to the ears and tail is a valuable thing that most don’t even think about. An animal that can have the ears and tailed handled from any angle and they don’t mind is one heck of a boon. If the person doing the grooming feels ambitious enough then the next step is an easy one.