…and we’re now an archive

Eleven years and around four hundred thousand visits indicates this blog for Keeping Glen of Imaal Terrier people up to date has had quite a good innings. It was never considered way back in February 2008 what a mammoth run it would be. It’s grown from one or two people in the UK looking at it occasionally to the largest Glen reference in the world. The reach of it has been phenomenal. If you are one of the 13 in Azerbaijan who have visited this month, thanks for looking. The single people from India, Brazil, Philippines or Serbia thanks for being interested in a breed that we didn’t even know was present in your country. All good things must come to an end though,  there is nothing worse than attempting to keep something going that is past its sell by date, and over the past couple of years or so as numbers visiting have started to decline the blog is bowing its head to the behemoth that is social media.

The blog isn’t disappearing. It’ll remain as the most complete record of a breed for a decade. Everything connected with Glen of Imaals is there in months and months of postings. Brains, beauty, health, events, discussion…it’s all happened. The photographs that have either appeared (or been sent but not quite made it) are on Pinterest so you can wallow in Glendom….and how young we were.

This blog couldn’t have happened without the support of Glen of Imaal Terrier owners and enthusiasts worldwide. Thank you for remembering and for your assistance with everything sent; never knew what those emails with the subject line “is this any use for the blog?” were going to be, it’ll be quiet without them. It’s been a ball everybody, give yourselves a round of applause……..and enjoy occasionally reading the archive of Glen of Imaal Terriers 2008-2019 you might be surprised.

15 thoughts on “…and we’re now an archive

  1. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the blog. Its been FAB-U-LOUS xx

  2. Thank you for your devotion to keeping us all up-to-date with Glen of Imaal Terrier news from around the world … and sorry that you didn’t find anyone to continue the EFG Blog …

    I’m sure the event reminders and the critiques will be missed … and the show results and photos … and the notifications of breed club and Kennel Club initiatives … and the happy/funny posts … and the sad posts.

    As Fridays became “Health Fridays” … here’s a final reminder on the Blog to support the Glen DNA Archive! The International Glen DNA Archive provides a facility to store Glen DNA, along with supporting pedigree and health information, for use in future health research projects.

    ​All you need to do to support this important health initiative, is send off five buccal (cheek) swabs from your Glen, plus a copy of your Glen’s pedigree and the submission form, to the Animal Health Trust.

    Please visit: https://www.glenarchive.com/

    Thank you … and “Goodbye!”

  3. Yes I echo that; this has een an amazing source of information. Thank you for all your hard work.

  4. Thank you for all the years of keeping us up to date in the Glen world, we will miss reading your informative and witty blogs.

  5. Many thanks for providing this valuable resource over the years which will be greatly missed.

  6. As you say Liz all good things must come to a end and the blog as been really good it will be sorely missed by many of us.

  7. It’s not the same, but for anyone who uses Facebook (I know not everyone does and it will never replace the blog). We do have a club Facebook page. Enthusiasts & Fanciers of Glens. It’s been sharing the blog for about nine years or so. It’s a ‘closed’ group which everyone is free to join, but only members can post in or read posts. Being closed, it just gives the members protection from the wonderful Internet trolls who appear from time to time, as all new members are checked by admins before being allowed to join, just to make sure they are a real person.

    As I said the group can never replace or compete with Liz’s fantastic blog. But if you have details of a show , wins, or just some news. Please feel free to join (if you haven’t already) and post your news.

  8. Thank you, Liz, for keeping the blog running this long. It is, and will continue to be, a great resource. I realize how much effort it takes to keep a blog running. You’ve done it wonderfully.

    The archival nature of a blog, in particular, is very hard to duplicate on social media. Yes, Facebook posts from last month or last year are still there – but try to find them!

  9. Thank you, Liz. Terry and I got our first (now owned by three) Glens in 2010 and your blog helped us understand Conan the goofball was just being a normal Glen.

  10. Thank you nothing to replace it sadly I refuse point blank to use crap like facebook and twitter and I take my hat off to EFG for stepping up to the mark when nobody else did. I will now stick to my few close close friends in Eire and UK.
    One thing EFG rescue UK which in my opinion is miles ahead of any other here will any updates on it be sent?
    Thanks Jean and Harold oh and your little lady too!

  11. The other thing that needs saying is well done for telling the truth about the Glen they are not for everybody and need a firm hand and proper training plus common sense ownership.
    Liz you are well aware how unpopular both myself and Jason were and still are with some people for telling the truth to the public at discover dogs and game fairs as we soon found out!
    Though this blog people are told the truth they are not cuddly teddy bears their is a lot to the Glen
    to understand well done and goodbye.

  12. Thank you for the lovely comments and also for the flowers that came this morning…..from whoever it was

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