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Christmas present number 3

This is certainly something for a Glen of Imaal Terrier owner and it doesn’t have to be just for Christmas. Have a look at Yappy and you can even change the colour of the Glen; got a wheaten, got a brindle, it doesn’t matter as each gift can be personalised. Even the name can be included. There are over 250 breeds there so even none Glen dog owners should be able to find something-just change the breed.

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It’s always good to have an opinion!

As somebody who also hates harnesses on a dog this got lots of sage nods as it was read. What do you think though?

One of my biggest Pet Peeves that has made its way from the AR movement, even into our show scene. Ok first…. for those of you that think these harnesses are more kind then any type of choke or nylon choke, you’re wrong. But, I guess it’s easier, right? God forbid we train our dogs to walk nicely on a lead with us. God forbid, we take them to a class if you need help. God forbid you spend extra time with your dog you wanted or had to have so badly. They are not kinder or gentle, they are horrible and awkward. Or how about those on a harness? Omg, what was a harness designed to do? Pull!!! Every time I see a dog dragging its owner down a street on a harness I shake my head. Train your dog, it’s not hard….take a class if you need help. Or how about those Halty leads? How would you like led around by your nose? Of course it gives you control, that’s how they lead a 1000 LB Bull, by its nose. For god’s sake, take a puppy class, teach your dog to walk with you, engaged and focus. Oh also, those wide buckle collars (perfect on some breeds, Sighthounds) but RR, etc? Not!!!! You have no control and you think you’re being kind to your dogs throat, no you’re teaching them it’s ok to pull, hang on the collar… instead teach them to walk nicely with you. The choke release type collar when used properly is effective and humane. Learn how to use it!
I’ve even seen these at shows recently on RR and Irish Wolfhounds…and I’ve seen the long term bad side effects on how it has ruined dogs movement and front assembly permanently.
I always encourage my puppy pet people to take a class or 2 of puppy kindergarten. I tell them that the time spent now pays off in spades later….hopefully you got that dog or puppy because you wanted a companion right? Well them make them one, teach, train and spend time with them , to make them that dog you admire of your friends. Those dogs that you see that seem like such great perfect dogs….yes they were made through time, dedication and tons of socialization.
Whew! Ok, I’ll step down off that soap box.
This one really gets me going as you can see.



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Could you be a Breed Buddy?

The internet is a decent enough reference source but sometimes a real life person is needed and this is why we’d like to introduce Breed Buddies. The Buddy will be there for anybody who wants to know more about Glen of Imaal Terriers. Maybe general advice, maybe specific, maybe they already have a Glen and would like to meet somebody in the area. They could be first timers, second timers or third but still a little apprehensive about asking for help or thoughts. A Breed Buddy would be there on the end of the telephone or email to give that personal touch that Dr Google can’t.

So could you be a Breed Buddy? The only ability needed is to know something about Glen of Imaal Terriers and be willing to help. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t have Glens anymore because if you had them once you quite probably have more knowledge than the person contacting you. Your name and details (you can choose what you want to appear but you must be contactable) will appear on the website, given out by the EFG secretary and, who knows, possibly in the future incorporated into a flyer. If you think you could be a Breed Buddy do drop Jean Rogers an email.

BREED BUDDIES-here to help you.

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Christmas present number two

The second suggestion for a Christmas present for a Glen of Imaal Terrier admirer has arrived. Heather Lovelace is the lady to contact if interested.

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Another week and another Best In Show

Wow, Glen of Imaal Terriers are doing well at the moment. At The French Terrier Club Show Pajantick Razamataz took Best of Breed and then Best In Show. Well done indeed. The European Winners was in Poland this year and Glens attended from Austria, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany & Poland. Cairdiulacht Aoife NicAlainna from Austria was Best Of Breed with Finn Glenn Glen Limited Edition from Poland was Best Opposite. Hammersmolles Star Hercules was the Best Junior and Spirit of Ireland Beautiful was the Best Veteran. In Finland Lahti puppy show saw Gleann Kooky Kanye take Best of Breed with BOS to Gleann Kinda Kim K. At Birmingham Gundog & Terrier Jeonty Letty Be Magic was BOB.

Over in America Keadeen’s Sir Emmet Mingus Glas was in Illinois for the Prarieland Classic and had a very nice trip. Best of Breed at Champaign Illinois KC, Mattoon KC & Sandemac with a Gp3 at Champaign. Opposite To him was Kilkenny’s Across The Universe to Setanta, Abberann Learning To Fly at Glendalough and Abberann Black Velvet Band by Galore. He was Best Opposite though at Illinois Capitol KC when Black Velvet Band took the BOB ribbon for the ladies

Ginny (and Monique for writing) regularly keeps the “brains” section running. “Ginny qualified with a 1st place in Open Jumpers Preferred at the AKC Agility trial at Paws n Effect in CT. Then she had a perfect run, again 1st place, in the Novice Standard Preferred class for her 3rd Q and her NAP title! Woohoo! It’s been a couple of good agility w/ends for team Ginny!”

Discover Dogs was in London and, as always, the enthusiasts who man these booths, whatever part of the world they are in deserve our thanks. Bella, Candy, Dylan, Leia & Mutley flew the flag proudly in front of hundreds of people. Many thanks to them and their people!

Great weekend folks.

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Ever thought about a rescue dog from abroad?

We know Glen of Imaal Terrier people are nice folk. Many organisations bring in “rescue dogs” from abroad and target nice folk…just like what we are. It’s tempting to take one but take a look at this from the British Veterinary Association.

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October Kennel Club Journal

The October Kennel Journal is now online. One Glen of Imaal Terrier judge listed, Eileen Foy at Welsh Kennel Club 2019.

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