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Is it?

“You’re always asking for things for the blog so how about this? I’ve had it on my desktop for a while meaning to try and find out if it is a Glen or not? Maybe somebody will know who’s it is or if not a Glen what breed it is?”

Is it a Glen of Imaal Terrier? What do you think? It’s a great piece of art that somebody has done


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Nice way of doing it.

The Irish Canine Press have released their 2018 Annual for free reading online. Have a look at the thriving Irish dog show scene. Also the ultra glamorous Best In Show Annual 2018 is online as well. This is a biggie so give yourself time to drool!

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List time

“When you do the list for Crufts remember to…..” “Will there be a list for……” “Don’t forget to put on the list about….”

Okay so in no particular order here’s THE LIST as asked for by Glen of Imaal Terrier people.

  • Remember your passes
  • Is the favourite lead packed?
  • Some comfy shoes
  • Headache tablets
  • Get an EFG Open Show Schedule from Jean. If you’d prefer one posting email her today
  • Remember Glens are 2nd in the ring so you don’t have to leave your bed at midnight.
  • We WILL be doing a Bring & Share. Finger food is best so it can be eaten as folk walk around, gossip and recover from being in the ring. Dips and things are nice but they need spoons and such and past experience indicates they just get left as, frankly, people can’t really be bothered.
  • Breed Club subscriptions (in a sealed envelope please with your name on the front)
  • Something to tie onto the car aerial. After the end of a long day all lines of cars look the same.
  • The map in the car in case of overrunning road works or stupidity by the satnav
  • Money for the shopping. Whatever you think before hand you will need it. So to assist with the assault here’s a list of everybody there
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It’s Crufts week already

Possibly the big majority of Glen of Imaal Terrier owner’s thoughts turn to Crufts this week; well they certainly do if they are exhibiting, manning Discover Dogs or in reach of the National Exhibition Centre. We’ll try, over the next few days, to put everything on here that you’ll need to (hopefully) make the day go a little easier.

Glens (26 entered) are on Friday and can be found in Ring 6, Hall 1. They are second in the ring after Welsh Terriers so not quite such an early start as it could be. Welsh (39 entered) have an 8.30am start so Glens should hopefully make the ring by late morning rather than the after lunch slot. Glens can be seen everyday of Crufts in Discover Dogs in booth T13 and if you’re at the NEC on Saturday don’t forget to go to The Arena at 18.25 to cheer Golden Spur on in the final of the Vulnerable Breeds Competition.

There will be a lot of television coverage of the show and live streaming on YouTube


1500-1600 – Channel 4 Crufts Daily Show


1500-1600 – Channel 4 Crufts Daily Show

1830-2000 – More4 Crufts

2000-2100 – Channel 4 Crufts


1500-1600 – Channel 4 Crufts Daily Show

1830-1930 – More4 Crufts

1930-2100 – Channel 4 Crufts


1630-1730 – Channel 4 Crufts Daily Show

1900-2100 – Channel 4 Crufts


1630-1730 – Channel 4 Crufts Daily Show

1900-2100 – Channel 4 Crufts Best In Show


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Interesting read

It’s always good to read articles about Glen of Imaal Terriers written by Glen of Imaal Terrier people. Turn to page 50 to read Kelli Whitfield’s piece on the “other” side of Glens. On the way there do have a look at the fabulous photographs elsewhere in the magazine

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A different take on things

The Kennel Club has sent out a press release regarding the ban/sale and use of electric shock collars. Nobody should disagree at all with, this, admittedly emotive, sentence from the release “They train dogs out of fear of further punishment by administering shocks to the dog when they do not perform what is asked of them” but there can be another side to the use of the collar. Quite a while ago one Glen of Imaal Terrier owner decided, as it was recommended by somebody who knew these things, to try a shock collar on their huge prey drive Glen. It’s over twelve years ago now but they were rather surprised to discover they couldn’t “just buy one”. They had to give a reason

Both owner and Glen had to then go on a half day course. The course was to discover if a) the reason was genuine b)would it be of any benefit to the Glen and c) was the owner capable of using a shock collar for the reason wanted? Suffice to say a collar-and it wasn’t cheap-went home with them that afternoon. So why had the collar decision been taken? The Glen in question was always walked on a lead. They were quite good with many dogs also on leads but occasionally they weren’t and there was never, ever indication. One second the Glen would be beside you on the lead but the next you would be laid on your stomach with arm outstretched watching it hurtle towards whatever had offended. A Glen in that mode doesn’t stop for anything much and can be a very efficient killing machines. A “whap” via the collar gave a few seconds chance to prevent a mountain of trouble.

The owner wrote their experience up for a newsletter when it was first mooted that “shocks” could possibly be banned because they wanted to say they had actually made a positive difference for them. It had only been used twice and both times had enabled the Glen to be caught before it wrecked havoc. The Glen, muscles bunched and pumped with adrenaline running high, hadn’t feared the “further punishment” mentioned in the article, they had hardly noticed it but it gave enough of a pause for disaster to be averted. A normal life in daylight had been discovered again, rather than only walking only under the cover of darkness. It never made the newsletter because the owner themselves decided pet folk may not understand that there is always at least two sides to every story and asked for it not to be included. We mention it here, the Glen in question long gone with old age to the happy hunting ground, just to illustrate that you can’t believe everything you read….even from the Kennel Club. Sometimes shock collars were for the good, they certainly prevented one Glen at least leaving this world early.


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For anybody in the Midlands & a closing entry

There will be a Kennel Club Question Time at Stoneleigh tomorrow (27th February) Coffee/tea at 6.30. Starts 7pm

Postal entries close today for Retford Canine Society. The show is on March 18th and the judge for Glen of Imaal Terriers is Sheril Goodwin.

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