Crufts at 9.00am

Blimey 9.00am in the ring is early. Everybody made it though and there were even spectators. Thank you for supporting Glen of Imaal Terriers even though it meant getting up at silly o’clock.

All-rounder judge Jeff Horswell restarted a Glen on the trail when he awarded Pajantick Razamataz his second CC and BOB. “Restarted” is the word as Quinn got his first CC at the ridiculously early age of 7 months. Shown lightly as a youngster he is now coming to maturity and has taken a Best In Show in France plus Best of Breed at Midland Counties last year. Reserve Dog CC went to Abberann Cosmic Cowboy, Nick & Ann are certainly devotees making the trek over from Ireland each year. Bitch CC was taken home to Shropshire by Sigrid Helga at Pantcottage and there was no mistaking the joy of the Reserve CC owner; floodlights will probably be ordered to hightlight Jeonty Letty Be Magic’s cards.

Once more Kirikee Celtic Warrior was Best Veteran (ready for the third year in 2020?) and Best Puppy was Borderglens Michaelmas. First showdog and winning that at Crufts, what an introduction.

Congratulations everybody!! Oh yes, the photographs below. We love you to share but, if possible, please give acknowledgement to either the blog or rbt-int

Terrier Day is tomorrow & NT entries close Monday

Tomorrow is Terrier Day so it is THE DAY for Glen of Imaal Terrier admirers…and it’s going to be a terribly early one as the breed is first in ring 6, hall 1 at 9.00am. Best of luck to everybody attending, hope your journeys aren’t too horrible and (if exhibiting) remember the dog you take home is still absolutely gorgeous whatever a judge says. Enjoy the day.

As Glens have an early call it’ll mean the big, big thing of Crufts can happen……Shopping. The list of stands, stalls and displays is huge so to enable plans to be made this is the list of attending trade stands etc. Remember that you don’t need it but, boy, if you want it, it’ll be there.

In the excitement of Crufts don’t forget final entries for National Terrier close on Monday and they aren’t extending. The show is on Saturday April 6th at Stafford Showground. There are 14 classes for Glen of Imaal Terriers and the judge is Harold Gay. Glens will be judged 2nd in Ring 2

…and so it begins

It’s the first day of Crufts and Glen of Imaal Terriers aren’t there en masse until Saturday but don’t worry if today is your only chance to attend as Glens will be there. Discover Dogs (Terrier Booth 13) will have dogs and people for you to meet, photographs to see and leaflets to take home to read with out the hustle and bustle and that’s what it’ll be….and then some.

If you are there and around Hall 5, ring 36 and 2.30pm you will see another Glen as Homer (Ch Abberann Conan) represents the breed in the Vulnerable Breeds Competition. The afternoon is pre judging with the final live in the Arena at 7.00 pm so hopefully it will be on the television and the Crufts YouTube Channel.


Grooming the Glen of Imaal Terrier

Anybody with a Glen knows how quickly they become a great heap of hair and then panic starts to set in…..what can I do now? Because of this recurring problem for Glen folk all over the world the EFG website has a couple of pages on how to tackle it before Hungarian Puli sets in. Grooming a Glen (and Trimming  a Glen) has been shared, borrowed and used for years by numerous websites, breed clubs, all and sundry in fact, and it continues to be the “go to” resource. That’s what it was intended for so no problem at all.

Something in it though has recently been queried….the use of scissors around the ear and tail? Should scissors be used anywhere on a Glen other than between the pads? The Guides were written by probably the original purist on the matter and they thought hard about it and came to the conclusion that the mention (and use) of scissors on those two parts of the anatomy was correct. After all the remit was to write an introduction to Grooming the Glen that all could use; whether first pet owner, serious exhibitor or professional groomer. Getting a puppy Glen used to standing still and having things done to the ears and tail is a valuable thing that most don’t even think about. An animal that can have the ears and tailed handled from any angle and they don’t mind is one heck of a boon. If the person doing the grooming feels ambitious enough then the next step is an easy one.

3rd Party Public Liability Insurance

Have you got it? If your Glen of Imaal Terrier, cat, ferret, rabbit gets out on the road and causes an accident are you covered by insurance. What if any of the above inadvertently scratch somebody and they decide to sue you….are you ready? Quite a few Glen folk in the UK twitch when the name of Dog’s Trust comes up due to their habit of shipping in from Ireland and telling us that our help is not needed but grit the teeth and have a look at their membership offer.

“3rd party public liability insurance for your dog – up to £1,000,000 per claim if your dog causes damage or injury to another person, their property or pets” and notice that the dog doesn’t have to be named. It’s only £12.50 a year (£25 if under 60) so well worth doing the way everything is getting so litigatious

Short but quite sweet!

Jeff Dairiki sends the following news from the Covered Bridge Cluster in Albany, Oregon

Thursday, Linn County KC: Judge Pat Hastings

BOB/BOBOH, GROUP 4: Emmet, GCHS Keadeen’s Sir Emmet Mingus Glas CA BCAT RATM

BOS: Bree, Kilkenny’s Freedom of the Moon

SEL: Tristan, CH Keadeen’s Happy Go Lucky

 Friday, Linn County KC: Judge Charles Trotter

BOB, GROUP 4: Ciarán, GCHS Keadeen’s Blue Boy for  Blusette CAA CZ8PS RATCHX8

BOS: Bree

SEL: Tristan

Saturday, MacKenzie Cascade Dog Fanciers: Judge Pat Trotter

BOB: Tristan

BOS: Bree


Sunday, MacKenzie Cascade DF: Judge Dana Cline

BOB: Ciaran GROUP 3

BOS: Bree

SEL: Quinn, GCH Kilkenny’s Love and Happiness CAA CGCA CZ8P RATCHX6 SE TKN

and Monique sends news of Ginny in the “brains Department”:-

Ginny qualified twice and placed first in the Open Standard Preferred classes at AKC Agility trials this weekend which completed the requirements for her Open Agility Preferred (OAP) title!

Congratulations everybody and nice to see that Oregon judges certainly like Glen of Imaal Terriers

Keadeen Blue Boy for Bluesette

Ginny-Open Agility Preferred


Glen of Imaal Terrier DNA Archive-Spread the Word

Please help to “spread the word” about the archive … 

~ Glen DNA flyer for breed events and puppy packs

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~ “introduction” to the archive for breed club newsletters & websites 

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Slightly Different Angle now

Back on February 6th a “Surviving Dog Shows” post was on here. Today we’re running a slightly different approach on it all that obviously appeals as three separate folk sent it for sharing:-

“With some people you just don’t have a chance…
If you talk about dogs, you’re a know-it-all; if you don’t, you’re a snob…
If you don’t stop to chat at a show, success has gone to your head; if you do, you’re a show off…
If your dogs are at all the shows, you’re not letting others have a chance; if your dogs aren’t at all the shows, you’re afraid of the competition…
If your dog wins, you know the judges; if they don’t win, you know nothing about breeding…
If you win and thank the judge, you’re playing politics; if you win and don’t thank the judge, you’re rude…
If you lose and congratulate the winner, you’re a hypocrite; if you lose and don’t congratulate the winner, you’re a poor sport…
If you’ve been breeding for less than 20 years, you’re a novice; if you’ve been breeding for more than 20 years, you should step down and let the newcomers have a chance…
If you use your own stud, you’re kennel blind; if you go outside for stud services, you don’t think much of your own breeding…
If you sell most of your puppies, they aren’t good enough to keep; if you keep them, you can’t find buyers….”


AGM Notification

         Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club

Notification of Annual General Meeting on 27/04/2019

(To be held at The Sports Connection. Ryton on Dunsmore CV8 3FL after completion of EFG Open Show)

Matters for the agenda, duly proposed and seconded by fully paid up members, to be forwarded to the Honorary Secretary by 30/03/2019.

Nominations for committee members, duly proposed and seconded by fully paid up members (along with consent of nominee) to be forwarded to the Honorary Secretary by 30/03/2019

Jean Rogers, Hedge Green Cottage, Blackjack Road

Swineshead, Boston, Lincs PE20 3HH.