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Eye testing in October

There will be a KC/BVA eye testing session on Saturday October 14th at Newark Showground (in conjunction with Grantham Show). Peter Bedford will be officiating. Appointments are needed and can be obtained from Jean or 01205820791

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Some reading for the weekend.

Complex diseases; can we really “find the genes”? is one heck of a title but as Glen of Imaal Terriers are participating in the Give A Dog A Genome project we’re linking to it on Health Friday.

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Latest update from the Genome Project

The Animal Health Trust have given an update on the progress of the various breed participating in Give A Dog A Genome. Glen of Imaal Terriers are up to stage 6.

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Friday is still Health Day

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Impact of Exercise on Puppy Growth Plates

As an achrondroplasic breed Glen of Imaal Terrier breeders and particularly companion owners sometimes scratch their heads over what exactly are “growth plates”. This article has been sent and the author is happy for anybody to copy it to go into any puppy information packs.

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The eye testing is THIS weekend!

The eye testing session at Hedge Green Cottage is this weekend-Saturday 15 July to be precise. Okay, you know and it’s down on the calendar but one year one person didn’t and they missed it. It’s a full day of testing so please be as on time as you can and report to the eye testing tent (to the right of the entry gate) when you arrive on the field.

If you have a booking for litter screening are you aware of this?

(BVA/KC/ISDS) Eye Scheme Microchipping and Litter Screening. The BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme offers breeders the opportunity of screening their dogs for inherited eye disease using a straightforward eye examination. The results can then help breeders eliminate or reduce the risk of an eye disease being passed on to future generations.In certain breeds, inherited eye disease can be detected soon after birth and in such breeds it is advisable to screen the whole litter at between five and twelve weeks of age.

On 1st July 2017 it became a requirement that any puppy presented for litter screening has been microchipped prior to examination under the Eye Scheme.

Microchipping is compulsory for all dogs aged 8 weeks and over in the UK and 12 weeks and over in the Republic of Ireland. However some tests within the scheme are carried out most reliably when the puppy is aged between 5 and 7 weeks, so a microchip may need to be inserted at a slightly earlier age. This complies with the law and is a safe procedure for young dogs. Microchipping of ISDS registered Border Collie puppies prior to litter screening has been a requirement since 2013 and many puppies presented for examination have been microchipped at younger than 8 weeks of age. To date, no adverse effects have been reported.For more information about the scheme visit the BVA website at the button below. To find out which health tests or schemes are recommended for your breed, check the Kennel Club’s Breed Information Centre or the Hereditary Eye Disease leaflet; produced and approved by veterinary professionals and research scientists.


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Keep Calm…..and be prepared

We don’t know if or when some heritable health condition will again “pop up” in our lovely breed … but if it ever does, let’s be prepared!

It is easy to take 5 cheek swabs from your Glen of Imaal Terrier … and send them to the Animal Health Trust (AHT), along with a copy of your Glen’s pedigree and a simple health form …

The more samples we have stored at the AHT, the quicker a research project can “get off the ground” … so please “do YOUR bit” for the breed and request a swab kit … and return it to the AHT!

Here’s what you will find in a swab kit:

You can find a video demonstrating how to take swabs and an online swab kit request form here:

Thank you for your support!


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