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One month left for the 2018 Breed Survey

It doesn’t seem possible but there is only one month left to complete the 2018 Glen of Imaal Terrier Breed Survey. It isn’t difficult, it won’t take up a lot of time so please consider doing it.

The Glen DNA Archive doesn’t end at the end of the year though, it’ll continue on because it is there FOR THE CONTINUING GOOD OF GLENS. It is important that the Animal Health Trust always has up-to-date information about your Glen. Please notify newly diagnosed health conditions, surgery (including neuter/spay), health scheme results and, if it has happened, death. If you need to notify an update please visit the “Health Update” page on the Glen Archive website 



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Goodbye October

Already the last Friday so only eight left before Christmas….where the heck as the year gone? As it is the last Friday anybody with even vague psychic ability will know what is going to be written here:-the 2018 UK Glen of Imaal Terrier Breed Survey and the DNA Archive.

Go on check back through your records-have you filled in the 2018 Breed Survey yet? There isn’t much time left. Whilst you’re in the drawer, the cupboard under the board, or the calendar in your ipad have a look if you’ve done sent the details of your Glen for the DNA Archive? It is for the benefit of Glens now and Glens to come. Go on, do your bit towards the future of the breed.


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Ever thought about a rescue dog from abroad?

We know Glen of Imaal Terrier people are nice folk. Many organisations bring in “rescue dogs” from abroad and target nice folk…just like what we are. It’s tempting to take one but take a look at this from the British Veterinary Association.

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Eye Testing on Saturday PLEASE NOTE

The eye testing tomorrow (Saturday 12th) at Newark is now on a different area of the showground. It will be taking place in a porter cabin outside the Joe Hallam building so DO NOT turn right as you come into the main gates, continue straight on.

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Eye Testing next weekend.

A reminder about the Eye Testing next weekend-October 13th-at Newark Showground (in conjunction with Grantham Show). This is all breed NOT just Glen of Imaal Terrier

Peter Bedford is officiating and appointments are needed. Jean Rogers is the lady to contact

Please share this everywhere

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Yet another month.

Seriously another month has gone by since the last reminder about the 2018 (UK resident) Glen of Imaal Terrier Survey. When it went up at the end of August there was a “what do you mean, 4 months to the end…” reaction. The year is slipping by so fast. So have you filled it in yet? It doesn’t matter whether you have a pet, a show dog or a rescue. If you have a Glen we’d like you to take a look and fill it in. It won’t take long and no personal information is taken unless you wish to leave it.

Also a reminder that the DNA Archive won’t be finishing at the end of the year. The idea of it is that it will be there to hopefully benefit the breed in years to come. Do your bit for Glens and help out. It isn’t difficult, just have a look at the website.

Yes, you’re right all these health type reminders are a bit boring to read but they’ll continue to appear because HEALTH MATTERS.

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Where is the Glen of Imaal Terrier going?

Time flies, it has been already three years ago that we published some breed specific stats based on our Glen-Footprints Database. During these three years we made numerous additions and changes, so we thought this is a good moment to update the statistics and to share the results with you. To get access please use this link:
We’d like to thank each and every one of you for your contribution and we hope we can count on you again in the future.

Team Glen-Footprints Database


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