Kennel Club Unveils Open Show Reforms

Kennel Club Unveils Open Show Reforms

In the biggest shake-up to the open show scene for more than a generation, the Kennel Club has announced new measures to increase interest in this important and essential side of dog showing through the introduction of three new awards. In addition, the qualifications for the Junior Warrant award and the criteria for premier open shows have been changed to encourage more entries and give confidence to show organisers to schedule more classes and more breeds.
The three new awards, being introduced in 2019, are the Show Certificate of Excellence, Open Show Winners title and Veteran Warrant.
These changes have all come about as a result of extensive consultation between the Kennel Club and show societies, exhibitors, judges and other interested parties, which began with the formation of the Dog Show Promotion Working Party four years ago and continued throughout its work.
Mark Cocozza, chairman of the working party, said: “With these reforms, we want people to look at the wider picture. Regulations have been relaxed, eligibility for awards expanded and simplified and the awards and titles are now available throughout a dog’s showing career, all with the aim of encouraging more exhibitors at open shows. The Kennel Club can put the infrastructure in place, but in the final analysis, the success of a show very much depends upon the willingness of the society to put on a good event and upon exhibitors supporting it.
“These enhancements to the show scene follow on from previously announced initiatives including the relaxation of the ‘beaten dog’ regulation, the allowing of judges not on B lists to judge 4(6) classes of a breed at open shows provided a puppy class is scheduled, and the requirement for breed clubs to work with general open show societies to schedule classes where input on the choice of judge will be offered. We are hopeful that these initiatives will make exhibiting at open shows a much more attractive prospect in the coming years.”
The Kennel Club has further announced that the winner of Best Imported Register will be eligible to compete in the group at open and championship shows and, in a move designed to encourage novice exhibitors, the Kennel Club is to sponsor a Special Beginner Group competition, for a two-year trial, at participating general and group championship shows as of 2018.
The Junior Warrant will offer more points from more classes to improve opportunities for numerically smaller breeds to gain their JW title. There will be more points to be won at open shows but fewer dogs to beat to gain the point, and exhibitors can begin working towards the new-style Junior Warrant as of 2018 with any puppy born on or after 1st July 2017.
In a further change, the Show Certificate of Merit is to be replaced by the new Show Certificate of Excellence (ShCEx), with points only available at open shows and the new award to be opened up to Imported Register breeds.
A new title will be introduced – Open Show Winners title (OSW) for dogs which have gained the revised JW and the new ShCEx. The title will be added to the front of the dog’s name on its Kennel Club record. This is a further measure to encourage open show entries.
Another warrant title will be made available – the Veteran Warrant (VW) for dogs from 7 years of age with points only available at open shows from AV Veteran Classes.
The JW, ShCEx and VW titles provide opportunities for dogs to have a longer career at open shows and for exhibitors to enter additional dogs and particularly their more mature ones.
These three new awards will add to the array of prestigious awards already on offer at Kennel Club shows, and the Kennel Club is confident they will act as added incentive for exhibitors to enter their dogs at such events.
In a further move, general canine societies can now choose whether to schedule a Premier Open Show without having to achieve the established five class average. The show must be run on the group system and schedule 50 per cent or more of the recognised breeds in each group. Dogs placed 1st to 4th in the group and 1st to 4th in the puppy group will all qualify for Crufts. This along with the recently announced requirement for breed clubs to sponsor classes will provide more opportunities for exhibitors to qualify for Crufts and more opportunities for judges to gain valuable hands-on experience.
Kennel Club Show Regulations have been changed, with effect from 1st January 2018, to formalise the current suspensions to allow dogs to be entered into variety classes without having to have been exhibited in a breed class. These changes also include allowing dogs declared Best of Breed, Best Any Variety Not Separately Classified but beaten in variety classes to challenge for the group and best in show, and similarly beaten puppies may challenge for the puppy group and best puppy in show.
The Best Puppy regulations have been simplified and are now the same for open and championship shows. Up to now there were different eligibility regulations at these types of show. The eligibility for Best in Show at open shows not judged on the group system is now the same as at shows judged on the group system – only dogs declared best of breed and best AVNSC are eligible to compete for best in show.
The working party has also changed the Best in Group regulation to allow dogs declared Best Imported Register to compete in the relevant group and/or Best in Show competition at both open and championship shows. This is an improvement for these breeds which will no longer have to be satisfied with a mere lap of honour in the group ring.
Mark Cocozza said: “This open show shake-up represents the change which people have been telling us they wanted throughout a lengthy consultation process. Now the changes have been announced, we very much hope that everyone will work together to use these innovations to revitalise entries at open shows. We also hope that show societies, working alongside breed clubs, will provide the opportunities for exhibitors to work towards these new titles and awards and that exhibitors will increase their support for open shows.
“We have amended awards, brought in new ones and tried to be as inclusive as possible; for example, by allowing the Imported Register breeds to be able to work towards gaining the new ShCEx title and allowing points to be gained from variety classes at open shows. This in turn will give judges the opportunity to learn about the numerically smaller breeds while at the same time giving the breeds themselves valuable exposure. We are also hopeful that show societies will be encouraged to schedule more classes for breeds such as these.
“But these changes will only be effective in improving the open show scene if everyone works together. The Kennel Club can provide the tools for the holding of successful shows, but unless the shows are well supported by the exhibitors and well run by the show societies, the reality may be rather different.
“The breed clubs also have a part to play in this whole process – by encouraging show societies to give their breed a judge of their choosing and an attractive classification and by publicising the show to their membership. Together we can all make a difference if the drive to succeed is truly there. These changes are aimed at making open shows as thriving as they were in previous decades.”
A set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in relation to the Show Certificate of Excellence, Junior Warrant, Veteran Warrant and Open Show Winners title can be found at…/already-involved…/dog-show-awards.
FAQs relating to Premier Open Shows can be found at…/show-ad…/faqs-premier-open-shows/.
FAQs relating to the Unbeaten Dog rule can be found at…/avstakes-classes-beaten-dog-rul…/.
A dedicated email address has been set up for any enquiries on these reforms –


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Belfast critique


PD (1)

1 White’s Abberann Cosmic Cowboy. Blue puppy with promise, liked his overall make and shape, just needs to settle and when he does should trouble the best.

LD (1)

1 Hannington’s Boudivella Osca. Wheaten with a good head shape and strong muzzle, correct front and feet, very good body proportions, would have preferred slightly more rise, moved so well both ways, excellent coat and condition.

OD (1)

1 White’s Ch Ir Am Sw Ch Abberann Conan An Ch 06/07/08 CW 07/08/09/10. What a pleasure to go over this 12 yr old blue from his very good head shape, strong muzzle, neat, correct ears, body proportions and depth and rise to his correct front and rear and muscletone. His effortless free movement, coat and condition was excellent. I was so pleased to see him go Group 4.

PB (1)

1 George’s Romainville Rock On Lizzie. Promising raw wheaten, typy head, good bite, good body proportions, just needs time.

JB (1)

1 Hannington’s Boudivella Tegan. Good head and eye, correct topline and length, moved well going, needs to settle a tad in front.

LB (1)

1 George’s Romainville Whistle Dixie. Good width to head, ample neck, strong loin, moved well going.

OB (3)

1 White’s Ir Ch Abberann Reach For The Stars Ryanne. Quality blue bitch, loved her typical front, good hindquarters used to advantage, good feet, in the best of coats, pushed hard for top spot.

2 White’s Ir/Nl Ch Daultons Midnight Sky Of Galore. Another very good bitch with well sprung ribs, strong loin, excellent hindquarters, moved so well going but preferred front of first.

3 Hannington’s Romainville Uptown Girl.

Judge W Browne-Cole


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What a busy weekend

Top spot for the Glen of Imaal Terrier catch up must be America this week. The beginning of October is the biggie in the US terrier world of what is known as the Montgomery Cluster which is four shows. Number one was the first Hatboro with a win for Kilkenny’s Across The Universe of Setanta with Ber-D-Mar William O’Shea Best Opposite. Hatboro 2 saw Abberann Phelan (down from Canada) make a strike for the males with Keadeen Second Star To The Right Best Bitch. Devon was a repeat of Hatboro One and that it was Montgomery and it was a triumph for the Glens that had come all the way over from the North West of America when Second Star To The Right was awarded Best of Breed (3 out of the 4 days going to bitches) and Best Dog to Keadeen Sir Emmet Mingus Glas. What a fabulous day for the Tighes to have bred both winners at such a show.

It was a double at South Wales Kennel Association as well. Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty took his 3rd ticket and Best of Breed whilst Jeonty Jyn a New Hope was the Bitch CC winner and Best Puppy; father and daughter The two Reserves were also a double as Boudivella Osca and Romainville Uptown Girl are a son and mother. The Gleann affix had a marvellous weekend as Gleann Holy Hannah was Group 2 in Canada, Best Puppy in Group and became a Canadian Champion one day and a Gp4 and BPIG the next, whilst in Norway Gleann Easter Eamon was Best of Breed and became a Nordic Champion to make three Champions in three different countries on the same weekend.

Tuulos had two days of shows with Jeonty Just a Dream Ansa taking BOB & Meomodo Trick or Treat taking Best Opposite one day with Rosears Master of the House & Rosears Everything U Wish The Other, BOB & BOS respectively on the other. Hyvinkaa Puppy Show saw Gleann Indico Indy get the nod for Best of Breed with Glenrosedale Dubheasa darina getting Best Bitch.

Montgomery is THE US Terrier event in more ways than one as they do agility and Barnhunt as well. Laura Trainor sends a report the Glen brains also did pretty good there with Ciaran and Quinn both getting a Q twice in Master Barnhunt, Niamh one in Master and Liam once in Instinct. Niamh also Q’d in Master Standard Agility twice and Master Jumpers once. Over in California Louise Lopez’s Sullivan was obtaining his “title ribbon for Nose Work Element Specialty Level 1 Interiors.”

Glen of Imaal Terriers Rock!!!!!


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Glen DNA Archive

222 swab kits have been sent out to owners, but only 73 kits have been returned to the Animal Health Trust (AHT).  Over 120 swab kits have gone to individual owners; 50 kits have been sent to an individual for distribution amongst her friends; and a further 50 kits to an overseas breed club.

The cost to the AHT of sending kits overseas is considerably more than the 90 pence it costs to send out a single swab kit in the UK, and it is very disappointing that only a third (33%) have been returned to the AHT.  Swab kits are generally posted out to owners within two weeks of receipt of request.  There is a not unreasonable expectation that if an owner requests a swab kit, then the swabs will be returned within a reasonable time-frame, but most of the unreturned kits were requested over a year ago.

  • If the swab kit you requested has been put away somewhere, PLEASE dig it out this weekend and swab your Glen.
  • If you’ve sent your Glen’s swabs to a third party, PLEASE check that they have been sent to the AHT … if not, please ask for them to be returned the AHT as soon as possible … or ask for them to be returned to you, for you to send to the AHT.
  • If you cannot afford the (voluntary) £5.00 donation to the AHT … or if you prefer not to make a donation … or if you are unable to make an online donation … PLEASE just send the swabs to the AHT.

It would be great to reach last year’s target of 100 submissions to the AHT by the end of this year!

Contents of swab kit:

About the archive:


Request a swab kit:

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Birmingham National critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

I would first like to thank the Officers & Committee for their kind invitation to judge at the show. This was my first time giving tickets in our lovely breed. I had a wonderful day, thank you. many thanks also to the exhibitors who took the time to show their dogs under me.

LIMIT DOG: 1) Hannington’s Boudivella Osca. Nice wheaten. Good head, nice dark eye, good bite. Moved with good drive with nice topline. RCC. 2) Alstead’s Golden Spur. Nice brindle, nice head, dark eye. Nice harsh coat. Moved okay.

OPEN DOG: 1) Sage’s Romainville Fast ‘N’ Furious at Wickholm. Good strong boy, well boned. Lovely head, dark eye, strong jaw, good bite, moved with drive. CC & BOB.

PUPPY BITCH: 1) Hannington’s Boudivella Tegan. Lovely little girl coming on nicely. Nice head, good dark eye, strong jaw, correct bite. Very excited on the move but when settled moved well. One to watch. Best Puppy. 2) George’s Romainville Izzy Wizzy. Lovely blue, nice coat, good head, dark eye, strong jaw, good bite, nice bone, moved okay.

JUNIOR BITCH: 1) Alstead’s Sigrid Helga at Pantcottage. Nice well made girl, good head, dark eye, good bite, moved well with drive. 2) Sage’s Wickholm Breaking Dawn. Larger wheaten of good bone, strong head, dark eye. Moved okay.

POST GRADUATE BITCH: 1) James & O’Brien’s Amhard Jessie Jay. Well put together girl. Nice head, good eye, strong jaw, moved out well with drive.

LIMIT BITCH: 1) George & Sullivan’s Romainville Jean Genie. Nice girl, strong head, nice dark eye, strong jaw, moved sound. 2) Hannington’s Romainville Uptown Girl. Well boned girl, nice head, mouth okay, moved fine.

OPEN BITCH: 1) George & Garnham’s Romainville Fade To Grey. Stunning girl, nice all round. Head of good size. Lovely dark eye, correct bite, good bone, pleasing to go over, moved well. Bitch CC but pipped for BOB. 2) Ashcroft’s Romainville Moira. Another nice well put together girl. Lovely head, dark eye, good bone, moved well. 3) Seall’s Ch Bregorrey Madam Defiance.

VETERAN BITCH: 1) Seall’s Ch Brockland Belle Bregorrey. What a stunner. She was full of life. Nice strong girl who showed off well. Beautiful head, dark eye, moved around the ring with ease for a 12.5 year old. Well deserved RCC. 2) Sage’s Jeonty Lola May at Wickholm. Again another lovely girl of 8.5. years. Full of charm, in good condition, expression to die for. Nice head eye, excellent bone, moved freely round the ring.

Roger Bill (Judge)

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SWKA this weekend.

It’s South Wales Kennel Association this weekend. There are 16 Glen of Imaal Terriers entered for judge Muriel Bailey. They are first in ring 28 and Terrier Day is Sunday October 8th.

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Leeds critique



In my report from the last time I judged this lovely breed I did say that a Glen should look like a Glen and exhibitors must have taken that to heart as there were only a couple that were not typical. I must thank the exhibitors for the sporting way my placings were received and I was very pleased to be able to say that the Dog CC and the Bitch CC gained their titles on the day – congratulations.


PGD (1)

  1. Hardy‘s AMHARD LIGHTENING FLASH. Just coming up 8 months this wheaten boy has a good body shape and outline. Promising head with good width of skull, good stop and correct shaping to the foreface. Strong front assembly for his age and a good shaped ribcage with a short loin. He has good muscling in his hindquarters and this assists his free-flowing movement. Very steady both coming and going and his overall type and ring presence won him the Best Puppy award over the bitch.


LD (4)

  1. Hannington‘s BOUDEVELIA OSCAR. Presenting a good outline with his excellent body proportions and strong head, this red/wheaten has a good, harsh quality coat, dark eye and balanced muzzle. He has a good strong neck running into good set of shoulders and front with excellent bone. Well shaped ribcage and a good strong loin. Not as good in turn of stifle as CC winner but has good muscling in his quarters. He moved steadily in profile though a tad wide in front coming towards me. I was pleased to award him the Reserve CC.


  1. Rogers‘ GLEANN DYNAMO MAN AT JEONTY (Imp). Striking blue male with a good Glen outline and good harsh coat presented newly trimmed. He has a good strong skull of the correct shape with good strength to the foreface and good dentition. Strenth in his forequarters with the correct amount of bone. Well balanced body with good ribcage and short loin. Positive on the move which he did with ease and precision. He is well muscled and this and overall type gave him this place this class over




OD (2)

  1. Alstead‘s GOLDEN SPURS. My Junior winner from the last time this blue boy still has that very full harsh coat with an attractive bit of brindling. He has developed as I had hoped he would and is now a real quality Glen. An extremely well-balanced skull and foreface with lovely eye, correct well-set ears and good scissor bite. Excellent, well-sprung ribcage and a good strong loin. The really good muscling in his well-turned quarters allows that free flowing movement which was a joy to watch. I had no hesitation in awarding him the Dog CC and later topped that with BoB.


  1. Hardy‘s AMARD HIGH FLYER. Coming up 5 years this wheaten lad with a very good outline. Well-balanced skull with good stop and tapering muzzle and a good scissor bite. He has a strong muscular neck that runs into a well-structured front assembly with good bone and correct feet. A nicely extended ribcage and good loin. However, today, he did not want to stick to the job in hand, especially in the challenge and this cost him higher honours. Strong quarters with good muscling and a very well set tail.

PB (3)

  1. Hannington‘s BOUDEVELIA TEGAN. Litter mate to the dog puppy winner this blue baby has a balanced skull and foreface with a good scissor bite. Good neckline with a well-boned set of legs and feet, running into a nicely sprung ribcage and a well-muscled set of quarters for her age. Turned in a shade coming towards but moved soundly in profile and was sympathetically handled.
  2. Rogers‘ JEONTY JYN A NEW HOPE. Very close up this wheaten puppy has a good quality coat covering a slightly flatter in rib than the winner at the moment, but she had an equally well-proportioned balanced outline. Good muscle-tone in a very nice set of well-angulated quarters. Moved a bit erratically at times but could be sound and steady when she put her mind to it.


JB (1)

  1. Alstead‘s SIGRID HELGA AT PANTCOTTAGE. Just a month out of puppy this young blue lady was another who had left her coat at home. Balanced skull and foreface with a good scissor bite, though with a slightly lower-set ear carriage. Good neckline with a well-boned set of legs below, running into a nicely sprung ribcage and a well-muscled quarters for her age. Turned in a shade coming towards but moved soundly in profile and was sympathetically handled.

LB (6,2)


  1. Sage‘s WICKHOLM BREAKING DAWN. This attractive wheaten bitch really commands attention and has great ring presence. Her body shape has the classical Glen outline and that look of sturdiness and substance. She has a lovely balanced skull and foreface with neat ears and a dark eye. A good set of teeth with the correct scissor bite. Her muscular neck runs into a very well-laid front assembly with excellent bone and correct feet. A beautiful ribcage with good depth and length and with her neat short loin her top-line remained constant throughout. Such a sound steady mover, she covered the ground so easily in profile, one of the deciding factors in this class and was very true both coming and going. Very well handled and could not be denied the Bitch CC.


  1. Hannington‘s ROMAINVILLE UPTOWN GIRL. This blue bitch really belies her 6 years and has a very typical Glen outline. Very good skull and foreface proportions with neat set ears and correct scissor bite. Lovely muscular neck running into a very good lay of shoulder and excellent bone and feet. She has a nice deep well-sprung ribcage covered in a good quality blue coat and a good strong loin. Really covered the ground in profile and was very positive both ends coming and going. In the class I felt that she was, on the day, just a shade closer in forward reach and had poorer drive than winner.



VB (1)

  1. Sage‘s JEONTY LOLA MAY AT WICKHOLM. In tip-top condition for her 9 years, this wheaten bitch has a lovely body shape and classy Glen outline with the look of substance without coarseness. Another nicely balanced skull and foreface with that typical expression coming from those dark eyes. She has a very good front with excellent bone and correct feet. A well-formed, correct ribcage and a strong loin. Well muscled quarters making for sound steady movement in profile. A very nice bitch to go over well put down and was very well handled. I was pleased to award her the Reserve CC behind her daughter.





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