There ARE two calendars!

Before Christmas many people were disappointed not to be able to order a copy of the 2016 Limited Edition EFG 20th Year Celebration Calendar. There are two unexpectedly available so if you would still like one do send Jean,, an email. How come two now when they were impossible to obtain? We have to be discreet here because we don’t won’t to embarrass anybody but “double Christmas presents” says it all. Still a few diaries as well if you’ve realised you didn’t get one and these are suitable for ALL dog owners as they have show dates etc. in, not just Glen of Imaal Terrier people.


Fancy a diary?

2016 isn’t that far away now and already schedules are out for shows but when exactly are they? When do entries close? An EFG 20th year anniversary diary will help answer those questions!

It’s available now so why not get in touch with jean ( and order one so you can get “a bit organised” rather than frantically looking for the schedules and their closing dates which have been put “somewhere safe” as they came out so early. Planning, notes, reminders, show dates; it’s all in there and, with a diary, you don’t have the worry of your battery going flat or no online access!

Go retro and write things down with a pen-you might find it surprisingly useful.