2018 Calendar-we need to know!

The 2016 Glen of Imaal Terrier calendar was very popular and a few people said it was a shame there wasn’t a 2017 one. We mentioned doing a 2018 calendar back in January and again a few people have said “nice idea” but should it definitely go ahead? It can only work if it is supported by all your fabulous, glorious photographs, do you want to join in again? Let Jean know on jean@e-f-g.co.uk

Great minds etc.

On December 29th the EFG Pinterest board was introduced. Currently there are around 300 photographs of Glen of Imaal Terriers that have been sent for use on the blog and they are being shared to the Pinterest community. Emails have come in over the weekend complimenting on the idea and the number of varied Glen shots.

One email continues on with “you obviously aren’t doing a calendar for 2017 but if you are doing a 2018 one can I nominate…………………for July”




Yes we ARE thinking of doing a calendar for 2018 but will people be interested? Let Jean jean@e-f-g.co.uk know.