Goodbye October

Already the last Friday so only eight left before Christmas….where the heck as the year gone? As it is the last Friday anybody with even vague psychic ability will know what is going to be written here:-the 2018 UK Glen of Imaal Terrier Breed Survey and the DNA Archive.

Go on check back through your records-have you filled in the 2018 Breed Survey yet? There isn’t much time left. Whilst you’re in the drawer, the cupboard under the board, or the calendar in your ipad have a look if you’ve done sent the details of your Glen for the DNA Archive? It is for the benefit of Glens now and Glens to come. Go on, do your bit towards the future of the breed.


August closes…..

…so it’s only 4 months until the 2018 (UK resident) Glen of Imaal Terrier Survey ends. Have you filled it in yet? It doesn’t matter whether you have a pet, a show dog or a rescue. If you have a Glen we’d like you to take a look and fill it in. It won’t take long and no personal information is taken unless you wish to leave it.

The DNA Archive won’t be finishing at the end of the year. The idea of it is that it will be there to hopefully benefit the breed in years to come. Do your bit for Glens and help out. It isn’t difficult, just have a look at the website.

Also the Glen DNA Archive website has a new page:

The Glen DNA Archive flyer can be downloaded for inclusion in puppy packs and for distribution at breed events.

Please email for large format photos that can be downloaded and printed as A3 posters for breed events:



It’s Friday so it’s unsubtle hint time.

The Glen of Imaal Terrier DNA archive has been running a while, yes of course you’re going to send along DNA, but have you done it yet? And of course we’re going to fill in the 2018 Glen Breed Survey but where have I put it?

So to aid memory. The online Survey can be found here. The following has to be written now so go and put the kettle on or something. No personal data in any form is harvested via the survey unless you choose to enter it yourself; neither isp, country or server used is recorded.

.There has been a slight change with the DNA archive but nothing serious. Alison Seall writes her final email as DNA archivist.:-

The “package” was due to expire in August…but thanks to a Glen owner in the US & the EFG the dedicated site will continue

The website has been ‘re-created’ by Jeff Dairiki and a new section added … ‘Spread the word’ … 😊 …

The Glen DNA Archive flyer can be distributed at breed events and shows … and breeders can include it in their Puppy Packs

Breed clubs and breeders are encouraged to have a link to the Glen DNA Archive on their websites

Breed clubs are encouraged to reserve a small section in their newsletters for a brief introduction to the archive – on the ‘Spread the word’ page

Thank you to all the Glen owners from around the world who have supported the archive … your submissions are greatly appreciated.

Hopefully, many more owners will request a swab kit from the AHT and contribute to this invaluable resource!

Best wishes,


Alison Seall​ (​Glen DNA Archive Coordinator 2013 – 2018)​





2018 UK Glen of Imaal Terrier Survey now online

It has been decided by both Glen of Imaal Terrier Breed Clubs in the UK to do a survey about the breed this year, 2018. Paper surveys have been going out but it is now also online and can be accessed via the EFG website or directly here.

It is hoped as many UK Glen owners as possible will fill in the survey. Showdog, companion, pet, rescue, they are all Glens and it would be nice to know what is out there. Please do share the survey as many places as possible, social media is very welcome.

No personal data is required, nor is captured, unless you choose to leave your email address