Glen Association critique

The Glen of Imaal Association Champ Show. 25/11/2018.

I was thrilled when invited to judge the club show so thank you to the committee. My steward worked hard and kept it all flowing smoothly so a big thank you to Jenny. I worry about our breed as I see more and more long straight forelegs and heavy ears but seem to be acceptable by some judges, please note these are bad faults.

Puppy Dog K. George. Teamarch Rock Steady Beat. Stood alone. Nice head with dark eye correct front, sturdy body good bone, deep chest level top line good turn of stifle, in lovely condition, front movement correct but rear a little close behind. Best Puppy.

Junior Dog 1st. A. Hardy. Amhard Off The Cuff. I liked this young lad. Nice head correct mouth, ears, strong jaw dark eye lovely expression with a hint of mischief about him, strong body with deep chest level top line correct front with position of feet at just the right angle enough upper arm, well muscled moved sound. Considered him for the reserve CC. 2nd. Mr. A. Hickmam. Romainville Rock A Fella. A handsome boy strong head good width in skull lovely eye good spring of rib deep chest correct shoulder placement ample bone and muscle, nicely shown in good condition. Moved sound.

Post Graduate Dog. 1st. A. Hardy. Amhard Manhattan. A upstanding lad who has a lovely head good mouth strong jaw dark round eye correct ear shape and size good width between ears strong neck with good lay of shoulder correct front with slight turn of front feet, nice length of upper arm, deep chest good spring of rib well off for both bone and muscle, Moved sound. Pleased to award him CC.

Open Dog I was shocked that all three males in this class gave their owners a hard time and let themselves down badly. 1st. J. Hannington. Boviolvella Oscar. I have always likes this this boy he has a lovely head neck and shoulders, well bodied with deep chest good spring of rib level top line correct front well placed feet, good bone well muscled moved sound. Reserve CC. 2nd. A. White. IR Ch. Abberann Cosmic Cowboy. (imp USA ). He looked a little young in this class after saying that he has a lovely head, good mouth, eye and ear shape good front correct upper arm front feet placed nicely strong neck sturdy body with deep chest level top line nice turn of stifle. Moved sound. 3rd. Dr. J. Alstead. Ch. Golden Spurs.

Veteran Dog J. Penny. Grizzlrmarsh Digby. A 10 year old with a lovely expression, big round dark eye correct ear shape level top line,well bodied and muscle for age but then this breed seems to get better with age. moved sound.

Junior Bitch1st. K. Forbes. Jeonty Dream’s A Dream with Karensbrae. A young lady with a lovely expression, good mouth dark eye level top line, small neat feet, coat a little soft but this time of year most of us suffer with our Glen’s coat not being quite right. Moved well fore and aft.

Post Graduate Bitch 1st. S. Smith. Bendikes Edith May. Feminine head dark eye, good mouth ear front neck and shoulder, well off for bone and muscle. Best mover in this class. 2nd. A. Hardy. Amhard Mai Tai. Pretty girl with a correct bite, ear and eye shape and colour good front with slight turn of front feet, deep chest with correct shoulder placement, had best feet in this class, moved well. 3rd. J& J. Hall &Saletty. Bendikes Fidelma.

Limit Bitch 1st. K. George. Romainville Izzy Wizzy. Drawn to this girls lovely dark eye, strong fore face but still very feminine correct front and position of feet, deep chest good lay of shoulder level top line well boned and muscled nice turn of stifle, coat in beautiful condition moved sound, Reserve CC. 2nd. K. Forbes. Jeonty Dream’s A Dream with Karensbrae.

Open Bitch. A. White. IR Ch Abberann Reach For The Stars Ryane. A nice looking lady with a beautiful expression, correct ear shape and size, dark eye, good mouth, correct front and position of front feet, deep chest good spring of rib level top line, correct tail set, nice turn of stifle ample bone, good width of thigh, well muscled. Moved well. Pleased to award her the CC. 2nd. A. White. CH, IR CH & NL CH Daultons Midnight Sky of Galore. Dam of CC winner and much of the comments apply, she is also well boned and muscled, beautifully turned out and moved well but just preferred movement of my 1st place. 3rd. Dr. J. Alstead. CH. Sigrid Helga at Pantcottage.

Veteran Bitch. S. Smith. Grizzlemarsh Dorathea. This lady has such a kind eye with a beautiful expression, well bodied correct lay of shoulder level top line, well boned and muscled 10 years young and moved really well. Best Veteran.

Val Harley (Judge)

Rounding up a bit quieter weekend

Glen of Imaal Terrier folk aren’t doing their Christmas shopping yet, they are still showing!

At The Glen Association Show, where one minutes silence was held in memory of Theresa Hadley, Best In Show was awarded to Abberann Reach For The Stars Ryanne with Amhard Manhatten taking the Dog CC. The two Reserves were Romainville Izzy Wizzy and Boudivella Oscar with Teamarach Rock Steady Beat Best Puppy. The day before had been West Midlands Terrier and Jeonty Letty Be Magic had taken BOB there with Jeonty Dreams A Dream with Karensbrae RBOB. In Germany Jeonty Junior Fire & Ice was BOB at Dortmund and at a Terrier Exhibition also in Germany My Dear Fellow Cordula The Angel headed the entry with Billy Tow vom Au Deich Best Opposite & Best Veteran.

Over in Canada Gleann Holy Hannah took three BOBs and a Group 3 and in the States Daulton’s Gedunk Malone from Emerald Isle was Best of Breed at the first Agathon Kennel Club show with Daulton’s Caoimhe of Pine Meadow taking Best Opposite and then being awarded OHG3. They reversed for the second show with Caoimhe going on to get Group 4

The “Brains” department was performing as well with Kelli Whitfield writing “Super fun two days of Scent Work with Montgomery KC and Cahaba Valley KC. Four new AKC titles: SIN for Griffin, SCA, SEN, SIA & SWN for Winston. Excellent trials- well run, super friendly group of people too and great judge, Cindy Roberts”. (Any chance, for non AKC people, you can fill in the full titles?)

Congratulations all.



Salute to all the 2018 World Show attendees

It was asked for so here it is:- the Glen of Imaal Terriers who attended the 2018 World Show in Amsterdam. Thank you for showing us to the world, we’re proud of you. If any photograph has the wrong name on it just let us know.

World Show 2018 results…but pictures Wednesday

Planes and boats and trains bought Glen of Imaal Terrier folk to Amsterdam. There are nowhere near as many of us than in some breeds but the flag was flown proudly on all three days, nobody got an easy title. First up was the Benelux Show with 27 present. Best of Breed(CACIB & 2xCAC) was Gleann Damn Daisy with BOS (CACIB & 2x CAC) to High lander’s Dream Casper. The two Reserves-and CACs- were awarded to Gleann Una Noonan and Gleann Cotton Cody. Best Junior was awarded to Madra Athas Cayleigh Chead Gera.

The biggie of the weekend was obviously the World Show itself and there were 40 Glens entered. This time the honours went to the dog with Highlanders Dream Casper getting the nod for BOB-plus the CACIB and CACs-with Daulton’s Midnight Sky of Galore Best Bitch and CACIBs etc. The two Reserves were Gleann Bigwig and Una Noonan. My Dear Fellow Cordula The Angel was Best Junior, Billy Tow Vom Au Deighton Best Veteran and Finnabair Broc Ria Arda of Gleann Best Puppy.

Group 3 specialties were the last day of showing for Terriers. Highlanders Dream Casper made it a double with Abberann Reach For The Stars Ryanne Best Bitch. The two Reserve CACs were awarded to Abberann Cosmic Cowboy and Daisy. Broc Ria was again Best Puppy and Gleann Indico Indy Best Junior.

A long list of names supported by a long list of people from different countries. Whelped in one country but owned in another was the story right through again and again. If whelped in the country of ownership often parents came from a different one. Glen of Imaal Terriers, becoming truly international….as the Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Irish, English, Dutch, German and American ringside indicated.

Great weekend and congratulations to everybody who was there

Photographs. Over the weekend we were asked if, like Crufts, it would be possible to have a record of every dog present on here? Many put photos galore on social media but not everybody is “friends” with everybody else and some just won’t do it but they will do the blog. Yep, we’ll do it but it will be Wednesday as we don’t get home until very late tonight and they have to be sorted, so that’s Wednesday’s blog sorted then!

Okay we’re back and…..

Glen of Imaal Terrier people have been busy, busy, busy in the last couple of weeks.

In Ireland at Bull Breeds Best of Breed was nodded for Abberann Reach For The Stars Ryanne with Best Dog to Abberann Cosmic Cowboy. In Denmark Hammersmolles Quick Decision earned her Danish Championship.The BIG event was the World Show in Leipzig and the shows around it. There was a large Finnish contingent down and it was certainly worth their while. At the German Winners Gleann Dear Dandelion was BOB and Gleann Cotton Cody Best Opposite with Fire & Ice Jazz Best Veteran. The German Terrier Club Show was a repeat result for Dandelion & Jazz but Rosears Master of The House was Best Opposite. The World Show was an incredible 47 entry for Glens. Gleann Cotton Cody took Best of Breed, Bear Dandelion Best Bitch and Billy Tow Vom Au Deich Best Veteran. On the way down to Germany Glenrosedale Buagh Ri Arthur Milo stopped off in Prasgue and added a Cz Ch to his name. At the Norwegian Winners Gleann Flatbone Stiubhard took Best of Breed with MacNallys Glenna-Roisin Best Bitch.

Canada saw 6 Group placements in 6 Shows for Abberann Phelan. 1x Gp2, 3x Gp3 and 2x Gp4. As the year draws to an end the American Show scene is hotting up. Kilkenny’s Across The Universe to Setanta was Best of Breed at Pontiac KC, Greater Muskegon KC-where she also picked up a Gp3-, Kalamazoo KC, Grand Rapids KC, Dayton KC, Sandusky & Central Ohio. Abberann The Lion Ling was Best Opposite twice with Abberann Torcan also getting the award twice along with Abberann Lament for Owen Roe taking it three times. At Dayton Daulton’s Caoimhe of Pine Meadow was BOBOH and then went on to take OHG3. She was Best of Breed at Lima Kennel Club with Abberann Lament for Owen Roe Best Opposite.

Down in Florida Finnabair Double D Friend of a Friend notched up a Group 2 & 4.He was also BOB at Seminole Dog Fanciers and Greater Ocala where he took another Group 4. Kilkenny’s Irish American at Castlerock was Best Bitch at Seminole and also BOB at the first show of the back to back. A cluster in Philadelphia began at Penn Treaty KC with success for Ber-D-Mar Sweet William O’Shea with Tipperary American Girl Best Bitch. At Greater Philadelphia Dog Fanciers Association American Girl took BOB (with OHG3) over William O’Shea. Kennel Club of Philadelphia was once again a triumph for William O’Shea with American Girl BOS and this was repeated at kennel Club of Philadelphia.

The “brains” side were also out. Griff did some Fast Cat qualifiers and Ginny earned her AKC Scent Work Container Novice (SCN) title!

Congratulations everybody!!